Retail Technology Trends in 2018

Welcome to 2018 and happy new year!
Technology transformation – is that the keyword for retail technology in this year? Will AI take over and automate our ordering processes even more, so that we get orders of things we do not even know we want yet? Will WhatsApp take over our customer shopping habits and decrease the phone calls we have to do?

2018 surely promises to be a breakthrough year in technology, after 2017 showed us what technology customers accept and want to use. VR, AR, AI, Big Data and a focus on experience shopping were the great themes last year, which will undoubtedly influence what will happen this year. Have a look AT THIS ARTICLE to see what might be in store for you

BigData in Retail and Hospitality

Big Data and How it Can Fuel Restaurant Growth

Big Data and How it Can Fuel Restaurant Growth

The retail and hospitality industry can also profit from BigData! By digitizing ordering processes and point of sales, for instance, restaurants and retail shops alike can make sense of their customer in a more accurate and easier way. The interview by below gives more insight into this topic: