NFV: Advantech, 6WIND & Canonical Caught Speeding at 40G

As NFV starts to take a firm foothold and virtual machine per server density begins to rise, so does the need for extra network capacity. But in the virtual world that also means removing hypervisor bottlenecks which can significantly reduce virtual application performance.

6WIND made an announcement today along with Advantech and Canonical that addresses the needs for higher bandwidth with 40GbE connectivity and accelerated hypervisor performance arguing that without it, the adoption of NFV could be slowed and so could the scaling of data centers beyond 10GbE.

The announcement confirms the 6WIND upgrade to its OpenStack NFV Remote Test Drive platform for customers eager to test out higher throughput on Advantech networking gear comprising 40GbE wire speed connectivity between compute nodes running Ubuntu.

The new 40G-capable nodes are fully integrated into the existing OpenStack environment. Users can now easily connect VNFs over 10 and 40GbE links (using Intel XL710 based LAN adapters) running on a range of  Advantech’s carrier grade servers, appliances and compute nodes all based on Intel Xeon Processors.

The latest platforms now support performance evaluation on Ubuntu OpenStack with native Open Virtual Switch using model-driven deployment based on Canonical’s Juju and Charms.

When combined with the 6WIND Virtual Accelerator technology the platforms can accelerate Open vSwitch within OpenStack deployments without disrupting any KVM hypervisors, SDN Controllers or other management functions.

The new platforms are available today for remote evaluation, allowing developers to test 40GE performance on the latest networking gear from Advantech and get a head start towards a deployable solution.
To register for the 40G NFV Test Drive Portal visit:

You can read the full press release here.

Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector Marketing Director

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