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As networking experts and enterprise CIO’s from around the world gather at the SD-WAN Summit in Paris today to discuss how to simplify the Enterprise WAN and make it more efficient, Versa Networks has set the scene by announcing its open and software-based SD-WAN ecosystem which includes validated hardware partners offering a range of platforms capable of accelerating large-scale industry deployment.

NFV-based solutions for the virtual customer edge are at the forefront of many service provider plans for next generation virtual enterprise customer premise equipment (vE-CPE), and SD-WAN technology has emerged as one of the most efficient ways to reduce WAN complexity while dramatically improving WAN economics for businesses.

The attraction to SD-WAN technology is also due to its ability to leverage a hybrid MPLS and Internet infrastructure or broadband connectivity (wireline and LTE) to link corporate sites and cloud sites. SD-WANs enable optimal application performance in branch offices by routing policy-based traffic over the appropriate underlying transport. CIOs realize that their enterprise WANs have become increasingly complex and costly to manage and maintain, and so SD-WAN offers a new approach that not only brings them cost savings but will help them beat traditional carrier access layer provisioning delays at branch offices by simplifying operation and management, and making provisioning and servicing more efficient.

Versa’s SD-WAN solution is a purely software-based approach that is based on a dynamically scalable, multi-tenant and service chainable system.  It includes support for 3rd party virtual and physical appliances and legacy network protocols, providing easy integration with existing network routing and VPN architectures.

On the hardware side, Advantech’s CPE white-box appliances have been fully certified by Versa Networks and profiled for exact performance and feature sets. Integration into Versa’s Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and serviceability framework guarantee seamless deployment and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).



Service Providers are tapping into Advantech’s experience as a leading supplier of networking hardware to OEMs for over fifteen years and are leveraging the company’s white-box vE-CPE appliance portfolio — a natural expansion of their widely deployed network appliance product line. Its entry and mid-range white-box vE-CPE appliances bring into play the latest System-on-Chip (SoC) technology from Intel and are offered at a range of performance levels to match the throughput requirements and application workloads of different size branch offices. All are ready for large-scale deployment with or without service provider or OEM branding.

The products range from the entry level FWA-1320 and FWA-1010VC (for wireless) with dual, quad or octal core Intel® Atom™ Processor C2000 SoCs to the FWA-3260 mid-range appliance using a 4, 8, 12 or 16-core Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1500. For heavier workloads at larger sites or to meet virtual provider edge needs the FWA-5020 tops off the 1U high range with one or two Intel® Xeon E5-2600 v4 processors (Broadwell-EP) which provide the latest architectural enhancements for increased throughput and a broad choice of GbE, 10GbE and 40GbE modules

versa-cpe-partner-logoThe key takeaway for service providers in today’s announcement at the SD-WAN Summit is that more solutions are now available that can accelerate the industry deployment of NFV-based SD-WAN. By combining Advantech’s scalable range of white-box platforms with Versa Networks’ SD-WAN and SD-Security software, communication service providers and enterprise CIOs can now benefit from the installation of industry-standard, off-the-shelf x86 server-grade platforms for remote small to medium to large enterprise SD-WAN installations that are:

  • Fully tested for SD-WAN roll-out
  • Optimized for volume deployment including global logistics and forward replacement services
  • Equipped with enhanced security interface performance via integrated offload acceleration
  • Designed with optional LTE connectivity for deployment flexibility
  • Office-ready with integrated LAN switches and optional WiFi support
  • Obtainable as rackmount and tabletop versions with wall mount kit options for easy installation
  • Available with a full range of branding options

A new wave of SD-WAN solutions has arrived and is ready to be deployed.

More details relative to today’s announcement can be found at the following links:

Advantech press release

Versa Networks press release and product page

Note: Samples of the new FWA-1010VC are available on request by contacting ncg@advantech.com or local Advantech sales offices.

Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector Marketing Director

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