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The New Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family is here!   And it’s not just about adding more cores.  There are a lot of new and innovative ingredients. The new product family in essence offers the most scalable and reliable performance with the greatest variety of features and integrations designed to meet the needs of the widest variety of workloads. That’s quite a statement! Let’s take a deeper look at what it means in terms of new features, with some examples of next generation platforms and applications that will benefit the most.

The Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable family redefines the word “scalable”  and comes with 4 named shelves –Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze -that signal increasing capability as you move from Bronze to Platinum level SKUs. This will enable platforms to be tailored more cost-effectively to match the workloads at different locations in the network.

The new and innovative Intel® Mesh on-chip interconnect topology delivers low latency and high bandwidth among additional cores, memory, and I/O controllers. The Mesh architecture aligns cores, on-chip cache banks, memory controllers, and I/O controllers which are efficiently organized in rows and columns, with wires and switches connecting them at each intersection to allow for turns, resulting in improved performance and greater energy efficiency similar to a well-designed highway system that lets traffic flow at the optimal speed without congestion.

Next, the new processor family supports faster memory and much higher densities, catering for applications with large in-memory data structures. It now enables a 6 channel memory architecture, resulting in a 50% increase in memory channel density at higher memory speeds up to 2666 MHz.

AVX512 brings a set of new vector processing instructions while doubling the number and width of data registers, and you’ll enable applications to achieve more work per CPU cycle while minimizing latency and overhead.  Examples of some of the workloads that affect network efficiency and will benefit from accelerated performance using the new vector processing instructions are signal, image, audio and video processing, cryptography, and data compression. High Performance Computing related workloads such as 3D modelling and analysis, scientific simulation and AI are all set to see a performance boost too.

On multi-processor platforms like Advantech’s dual socket FWA-6170 appliance, the new Intel® Ultra Path Interconnect (Intel® UPI), replaces Intel® QPI for a faster coherent link with improved message efficiency, increased bandwidth and performance.

Over on the IO side, up to 48 PCIe Gen.3 lanes are now supported by some of the family members, with higher bandwidth pipelines than previous generation devices.

There’s also a brand new server class PCH family for the converged platform that brings with it a richer set of IOs including an integrated Intel® Ethernet Connection X722 with 4x 10GbE and iWARPRDMA support that reduces bulk data latency for critical high bandwidth applications.

The icing on the cake comes with several new virtualization, platform resource management and QoS technologies for CPU, Memory and IO providing isolation and determinism solutions for better scalability and availability. In addition, integrated accelerators & optimized libraries make virtualization of networking, storage & security functions faster, easier and more efficient with the ability to offload intensive workloads to optimize performance and create innovation. Intel® QuickAssist Technology integrated into the PCH 626 chipset provides crypto acceleration and compression offload to enable enhanced security and improved network optimization while freeing up processor cores. All of these ingredients provide a solid step forward towards a truly Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI).

New Advantech Platforms

For those of you eager to test and benchmark working platforms, Advantech Networks and Communications Group has beefed up its SKY server and network appliance portfolio using the new processor family to  boost performance, I/O density and crypto throughput for a broad range of applications from network security to industrial and edge computing. Today we introduced our new platforms: the FWA-6170, our most powerful and flexible 2U dual socket network appliance and the SKY-8101, a single socket, short depth 1U server, also available with mass storage options. All are based on the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable  Processor Family


FWA-6170 Dual Socket Network Appliance with up to 8 Network Mezzanine Cards (NMC)

The FWA-6170 is a high-end network appliance based on the new Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family, designed for maximum performance, scalability and functionality in a 2U rack mount footprint. Equipped with a choice of processors from the Intel® Xeon® Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze series, this high-end network communications appliance is optimized for computing power, accelerated workloads and high speed, high density I/O with best-in-class energy efficiency.

When coupled with new security features, augmented platform modularity for 1, 10, 40 and 100GbE connectivity and Intel® QuickAssist Technology, the FWA-6170 enables equipment and service providers to build faster, more secure networks, bringing greater cost-efficiency to applications such as network and cyber security, policy enforcement, quality-of-service, and network analytics leaving sufficient overhead to anticipate future infrastructure changes.


SKY-8101 – 1U Compact Single-Socket Server for Carrier Grade and Industrial deployment

The SKY-8101, available in both carrier grade and industrial versions, meets market demands for higher performance, broader scalability, and increased security at the network edge where new technologies such as Virtual Radio Access Networks (vRAN), Edge Cloud, Fog and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) are vital to enabling the next generation of digital services. It also meets the needs of industrial applications where cost efficient, compact, rugged and reliable solutions are required in environments with limited space, higher ambient temperature and low noise constraints.


SKY-8101L – 1U Compact Single-Socket Server with High-capacity Storage

The SKY server team also introduced a SKY-8101L variant for applications requiring higher capacity, front loading, hot-swappable storage with RAID support, the SKY-8101L accommodates up to ten 2.5” removable drive bays at the front of the system, eight of which support SATA/SAS connectivity and a further two optional 2.5” NVMe drives, each connected to a PCIe Gen3 x4 Intel OCuLink bus.  The two NVMe drive bays can also be configured physically into one PCIe slot, accommodating one commercial-off-the-shelf PCIe Gen3 low profile card. With support for Intel® VROC hybrid NVMe and SATA RAID, the server is ideal for video caching and edge transcoding, data acquisition, storage and processing and analytics.


Full details and all the main resource links concerning the new platforms can be found on Advantech’s dedicated landing page at


Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector Marketing Director




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