Get Up to Date on the Latest LTE Trends in the Transportation Industry

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Are you up to speed with the newest LTE and cellular communication trends in transportation and smart city applications?

No? That’s OK! We’ve got you covered with a new on-demand webcast series from Advantech’s in-house LTE expert. In our new webcast series, Andrew Lund—Advantech LTE product manager—details the latest LTE trends in the transportation and smart city industry. Lund has more than 10 years of experience conceptualizing, building, and launching IoT hardware and software solutions in industrial and transportation vertical markets. 

With the webcasts, you’ll be able to learn more about the advent of 5G technology, how to write LTE product specifications for your projects, and the FirstNet secure LTE network. You can pick and choose what webcast is right for you, or start from the beginning. Once you fill out the form for one webcast, you will be emailed direct access to all three parts.

And don’t worry if you have the time or not—these webcasts are short and succinct and get you the information you need to know, quickly.

Part 1: What You Need to Know About 5G

In Part 1 of our on-demand webcast series, you’ll learn about the advent of 5G, and get answers to frequently asked questions, such as: Should you wait for full 5G deployment? Are LoRa and other LPWAN technologies part of 5G? What are the real benefits? And more. Get all the information you need on 5G in less than 20 minutes!

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Part 2: How to Choose the Right LTE Devices for Projects

In Part 2, we review guidelines on how to write LTE product specifications for your transportation projects to make sure you’re using the right device for your application. Plus, you’ll learn what five key concerns you need to be cognizant of when selecting an LTE router for ITS applications.

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Part 3: Understanding the FirstNet Secure LTE Network for Smart Cities

In Part 3, Lund helps to explain the FirstNet secure LTE network available for critical smart city and transportation applications, such as first responder communications. Lund outlines why FirstNet was created, when and where it’s available, who can use it, why it’s used and more.

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