An Introduction to Kiosk Signage

Kiosks are an increasingly popular choice to deliver a range of application in public environments. Those in retail and hospitality industries are finding it important to have reliable kiosk solutions to provide customers vital information and also speed up sales process. View below video to see what kiosk signage can do in various environments.

The Stickiness Of Queues

When a digital signage system is really thought out, one of the key questions early on is about dwell time. How long will people be in the viewing range of these screens?

It’s a big question with respect to programming strategy and delivery. But it’s just as big a question about the opportunity and applicability of a digital signage installation.

Long dwell times no longer guarantee an audience just because they’re captive, because people have smartphones and tablets to keep them occupied. But long dwell times do mean there is more chance people will be looking around, and there’s more of a rationale for putting up screens if they deliver a service.
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