A blog from Sahara Benelux: The total consumer experience: where AV meets IT

Today we have a guest blogger, the CEO of Sahara Benelux- Remmelt van der Woude, Sahara Benelux has been Advantech’s Channel Partner since August 2012.

There is no doubt we are heading to a future where the physical and the digital AV-IT world starts to intersect with each other more and more. Earlier today (red. 17.10), I saw a news item that shows we are getting closer and closer to this reality.

The new storefront window is a fully functioning virtual store with life-size products. The intuitive interface of the touch-screen window or display makes shoppers explore, play and drag life-size products directly onto their Smartphone for an easy and convenient purchase.

Is this fantastic scenario an AV or IT experience? Actually the consumer does not care. He or she is just interested in the interaction and doing so, obtaining the right information in an appropriate way. By integrating AV and IT we can achieve a complete consumer interaction and thus satisfaction. We need AV and IT as much as we need the consumer. That is where we meet and where the future is.