Video Walls Are Getting Big – In Scale And Popularity

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Video walls are getting big – not only in their overall popularity, but in the volume of interest and business for companies that deliver solutions.

To a casual observer, the principal issues surrounding video walls are cost and the width of the seams that create noticeable grid lines in video walls. Costs are coming down and those seams (or bezels) are steadily slimming.

But what’s just as important – and rarely given the same attention except by the expertise – is the gear that’s driving images on to those big, beautiful walls of LCD and plasma glass. Great executions happen, in no small part, because of technology on the other side of these walls. 

Advantech recognizes this, and we recently entered into a global partnership with Canada’s Matrox Graphics Inc. that will see us jointly launching a new portfolio of video wall solutions.

Our motherboards, chassis, and controllers will work with Matrox Mura display wall controller boards and allow OEMs, systems integrators, resellers, and installers around the globe to easily deploy and manage brilliant, custom video display walls.


Matrox is a great fit for us – having developed and earned a reputation for manufacturing high quality graphics bear for the professional market.

This new series of display controllers will allow video wall designers to spec and manage  systems that have as many as 20 inputs and outputs – making for video walls that are so much more than one or a few PCs blasting outputs top a very oversized monitor.

Professional systems not only drive visuals to a screen, but control the array and ensure it looks good. How many times have you walked by a video wall that was impressive in its scale, but fell down because colours aren’t matching screen by screen, or because there’s a big hole in the visuals because one of the monitors is down.

The potential use cases for this new series range from high-impact digital signage video walls in public spaces and retail to slick, multi-segmented and steadily active matrix walls in essential service utility control rooms, security & surveillance centres, and corporate venues.


“The development of video wall technology has changed basic lifestyles: digital signage, stage broadcasting, surveillance, factory automation, and transportation are all active behind the scenes,” says Franz Wei, the Vice President of Advantech’s Embedded Systems Group. “Thanks to computer, network, and display technology advances, video wall performance continues to improve while total cost of ownership goes down, making video walls the fastest-growing area in the IT and digital electronics industries.”

“Advantech is aware of this transformation.” adds Wei, “and is collaborating with ecosystem partners to develop premium video wall solutions to fulfill the market demand.”

“Not only will customers be able to purchase pre-configured solutions for simple deployments,” says Helgi Sigurdsson, a Matrox product manager, “but also conveniently choose from a variety of Matrox-validated Advantech motherboard/chassis plus Mura MPX board combinations to deliver customized controller systems geared to meet specific video wall requirements.”

Some of the key features built into this series are:

  • An optimized BIOS that will support multiple Mura MPX cards
  • Zero-latency video data switching
  • Wide operating temperature range and a high-efficiency power solution
  • Remote monitoring and control capabilities

Two of the solutions – AVS-240 and AVS-290 video wall controllers – are already available and the AVS-540 system will be on the market in early 2013.

This solution will be showcase at ISE 2013, Matrox’s booth 11H68,  a Mura MPX-powered 2×2 video wall—via an Advantech AVS-540 controller system. Read press release here.