Messages in a ‘Touch Mirror’ – Interactive Cosmetics Experience

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Real products on display stands is a standard way to promote products in the cosmetics industry. If customers cannot find products that are suitable for them, display stands can provide customers with experiences to touch, feel, and try different cosmetics products via an interactive screen, and thereby motivating them to make qualified purchase decisions.

To help customers better understand their products, marketing and sales people try to design a visually engaging retail display to promote products by interacting with customers, ultimately with the aim to encourage them to make a purchase. Therefore the challenge is to understand the customer motives and behaviours than to simply present product information, the brand and products would be translated into customer experience.

Nowadays, there are numerous solutions out there. Some cosmetic brands have tried creative and innovative promotions through multimedia signage displays which sell visions of glamorous lifestyles that can be attained by simply purchasing their product. The customer experience is enhanced and the relationship becomes more active.

Signage displays can quickly and effectively help building up the brand image in the mind of the customer. It does not matter if the product offering is completely unknown to the customer, a creative, bold and eye-catching design will pull people in, engaging their curiosity about a product in a visually entertaining way.

Well-designed retail signage content puts customers at ease and encourages them to freely browse products without specific preference or intention. They can choose to learn more about a product, search for new products, or simply browse general information.

The most important thing is that signage displays do not overpower retail areas but rather form part of a carefully designed customer experience and process that ultimately leads to successful purchasing decisions. Signage displays also help reinforce an active relationship among sales people and customers by making the buying experience more satisfying. Digital Signage features such as their all-in-one design, easy and portable installation and fast updates, all appeal to cosmetic manufacturers who see digital signage systems as an exciting means to get their brand message across.

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