Fitting Into the Most Unusual Space, Stretch Your Signage Display

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Digital signage is an innovative medium for targeted information, entertainment, promotions and advertising, delivered in visually rich multimedia formats designed to attract consumers. Since digital signage is so ubiquitous these days, people no longer ask what it is because digital signage has matured into a fully developed, versatile product that has adapted to many different applications and environments. Digital signage displays now come in unusual shapes or configurations but 42″ and above are the most common sizes. However, large-sized displays with conventional aspect ratios of 16:9 or 16:10 have limitations— in locations where they are restricted in height or physical space. Like on elevators, buses, train stations, and hotel hall, the installation space is limited but the requirement for digital signage is huge. LED signage seem to be a good fit for these kinds of space-limited applications; however, LEDs are usually heavy, power consuming, and display low-resolution images. The demand calls for a new design of displays.

To fulfill these kinds of space-limited applications, Advantech launched a new product series of DSD-5000 stretched signage displays with super-wide ratios and viewing angles including 28”(16:3) and 38”(16:4.5) size options. Most LCD panel manufacturers provide 16:9 or 16:10 displays targeted for TVs or personal computers. But for small volumes with unique sized displays which fit different installation spaces, there is no matching products. With this demand and opportunity, DSD-5000 series is released which incorporate in-house LCD resizing technologies and provides customers with a whole new choice of resized signage displays, as well as opening up new avenues of opportunity.

From the perspective of performance, DSD-5000 series brings to audiences exceptional visual experiences with high definition and high brightness features. Because of its high brightness, DSD-5000 series can also be commonly used in semi-outdoor or even fully-outdoor environments. Compared to commercial grade signage displays of 300 nits~400 nits brightness, DSD-5000 series provides 700 nits and 800 nits which guarantee better visibility. Its wide viewing angle also ensures the displayed content to be bright and accurate when viewed from any direction for both horizontal and vertical installations.

DSD-5000 series offer a number of resized displays such as a 1/2 size panel resized from a 42″ LCD, and a 1/3 size panel resized from a 32″ panel. By performing a series of complicated panel cutting processes, DSD-5038 and DSD-5028 retain their original panel specifications, functions and performance. The most critical step in the whole process is to cut the LCD glass and seal the LCD cell edges simultaneously. This tricky process requires a complex and professional sealing technique. Advantech has its own class 10,000 clean room in Taiwan, therefore the LCD sealing process takes place in a vacuum and high atmospheric pressure environment to avoid air getting into the liquid crystal module, which will result in liquid crystal leakage that could cause dark spots on the screen. After the sealing stage, the resized LCD panel is bonded with the IC driver and backlight which are used to provide a light source to the panel cell. After the mechanical frame has been integrated, the super-wide signage is finally ready.

Following the trend for environmentally friendly and power saving products, DSD-5000 series features low power LED backlight technology, and low operating temperatures of under 40° C. The LED backlight uses around 50% less power than traditional LED signage boards. Compared to traditional LED signage, 28” DSD-5028 only consumes 60W while LED displays with similar sizes usually require at least 200W, saving more than 50% on power consumption and lower maintenance costs as well. Surprisingly, DSD-5000 series still offers long-time operation up to 50,000 hours for both performance and energy-saving applications. Most important of all, DSD-5000 series supports a flexible wall mounting interface of 100 x 200mm for easy installation, and can be bundled with Advantech digital signage players such as ARK-DS762, and ARK-DS520 in a rear AD box for an all-in-one total solution.

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