Size does matter

For long digital signage media player manufacturers have continuously strived to develop smaller and smaller devices. A lot has happened since the times that standard desktop PCs were still common in our market.

Obviously, the advantages of using small media players for digital signage are clear, they are easy to hide behind or close to a screen and much easier to handle and ship around.

Nowadays we see so many small devices on the market that the question is: “Do we really need even smaller ones?”  I believe we don’t, digital signage players shouldn’t necessary be very small, but they should be flat.  Displays are getting thinner, and mounting a small footprint player that is thicker than the display doesn’t always make sense.

Advantech’s new DS-06x Ultra Slim Series  are not only extremely thin, measuring only 19mm, but also have a small footprint with 18x19cm.

Since we are always asked about mounting brackets we decided to include a VESA bracket with a wide variety of screw holes as a standard accessory.

So what about the performance of such a thin box? Because of the efficiently designed thermal module the DS-060 series can even hold a 45W Intel Core i7 Quad-core processorBesides two powerful Core i7 Configurations we are offering a mainstream configuration based on the Intel Celeron B810 CPU combined with Intel’s QM77 chipset, and two entry level configurations based on Intel’s Atom D2550 and N2600 CPUs.
Display Port to HDMI connectors are widely available on the market and can also be sourced from Advantech.Following recent display trends the Intel Core i7 and Celeron models feature a Display Port connector, while the Intel Atom based models come equipped with an HDMI port.In the overview on the next page you can find the specifications of the 3 main volume models.For more information please download the flyer here.Click here to access product page.