Makes waiting for a table easier

La Pasta is a popular Italian restaurant chain in Taipei, with several locations in the city, including the upscale Tianmu area and the Neihu technology corridor. Their popularity often leads to long waits for tables which average about 20~30 minutes. Many potential customers give up rather than enduring the wait.

Restaurant owners were quick to identify the problem and wanted to find a solution that would make customers happier as well as capture the additional business…

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Swipe, pinch, zoom & tab – All you want to know about Touchscreen Technology

Medical computers with touchscreen technology need to meet stringent medical standards. Completely sealed for easy cleaning and touchable with gloves to perform accurate touch-based inputs in patient records in medical clean rooms like operating theaters are a must. Avoiding additional physical keys on the panel, or extra devices like keyboards, mouse or touchpad is efficient as these can harbor bacteria. A touchscreen can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area, usually one or more fingers or a stylus. The touchscreen enables the user to interact with what is displayed without using an additional keyboard or mouse. Touchscreens are widely integrated in gaming consoles, all-in-one computers, tablets, navigation devices, smartphones, ATM devices and information kiosks. There is a variety of touch technologies that offer different methodologies of sensing the touch. All technologies are related to the X / Y coordinates of the touch sensitive area. The way how to sense the touch point is explained in the next paragraphs.

BICOM Increases Advantech’s Digital Signage Power

For the past two years, Digital Signage has attracted a lot of attention. Advantech has been cooperating with BICOM Information Technology, which was responsible for software design and was involved in this technological development in the early stages. In 2012, Advantech officially merged with BICOM, which has made Advantech’s Digital Signage products more competitive.

Integration Leads to Better Opportunities

Vice President of Advantech Intelligent Services R&D Development, Jim Yeh, who was the former General Manager of BICOM, noted that in addition to hardware devices, software functionality is also important for Digital Signage. And since it is a new medium, only a few suppliers can provide software services. So hardware suppliers must have long-term partnerships with software vendors, similar to the cooperation between Advantech and BICOM, who face market challenges together. Continue reading