Enhancing digital signage experience in banks

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Digital signage is a common feature in bank branches nowadays, creating a more immersive customer experience and an effective communication channel. To engage and retain customers, many banks are utilizing digital signage in their traditional branches to improve the overall customer experience, showing relevant information about banking products, news and stock updates, entertainment, as well as real-time queuing information.

As bank services become increasingly complex and diverse, it’s important to be able to quickly update real-time information to all branches such as exchange rates and financial news. With digital signage installed, it’s a simple task to change content from a central control server. Content can also be edited locally or from a central control server then dispatched to individual branches each day, which makes it easier on the bank rather than hav¬ing employees at each branch change content themselves. Moreover, interior banking signage usually requires wall or ceiling mount installations, therefore a slim and light design signage player is preferable.

Advantech DS-060 is powered by a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor (up to 45 watts TDP), measuring a mere 19 mm thick. This thin and powerful unit is equipped with 1x digital, plus 1x analog display outputs, and simultaneous dual Full-HD 1080P capability delivers a premium visual experience when graphics performance really matters. To simplify installation, a VESA bracket is included as a standard accessory. As displays are also getting thinner, you can still easily mount a DS-060 series unit on the back of a display. Advantech DS-060 series lets you drive digital signage from just about anywhere, even limited spaces that previously would have been unthinkable. DS-060 series is now bundled with SUSIAccess for Signage, which is a smart and sophisticated software designed for managing digital signage networks for content management and remote monitoring to remote dispatch. With SUSIAccess for Signage, content can be managed locally or dispatched from a central location on schedule. This makes it easier on the bank rather than having each individual branch change content themselves. With the support of HTML5, real-time information such as foreignexchange rate can be provided to customer once the bank webpage has been updated. Real-time device status monitoring ensures that the signage is being used effectively. McAfee protects unauthorized content from being displayed and Acronis provides timely backup and system recovery.

Advantech’s digital signage network offers a number of benefits to banks, including better engagement with the customer, increased opportunity for promotions and messaging, and improved effective communications with focused customers. The digital signage network enables banks to communicate better with customers, providing updated information about the bank’s range of services and programs. DS-060 Ultra Slim Series, bundled with SUSIAccess for Signage, delivers secure, effective and timely centralized communications for the banking industry.