Valuable customer experience with UTC-620 and Intel®RCM

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In the new Intel® IoT Ignition Lab Swindon, a demonstration will be shown on the kiosk point-of-sale solution via a portrait panel PC with Intel® Retail Client Manager (Intel RCM) software application. This solution was realized by Advantech and Intel® Corporation.From left to right: Mike Fay, Sales Manager UK Advantech and and Rod O’Shea, Intel EMEA IOT Sales Director

Retailers would like to use every opportunity to influence consumers with their purchasing decisions. Having an all-in-one panel touch computer in-store with interactive content will have a great impact on shop visitors. Showing the collection the customer might be interested in based on their customer card for instance. The UTC-620, an all-in-one portrait retail panel computer with its 21.5” full-HD display, is optimal for reading content rich applications.

The 4th Generation Intel® Core™ U-series processor provides excellent performance and lower power consumption, and fits comfortably on shelves and countertops. In addition, UTC-620E is complemented with a full range of peripherals which allows system integrators to have more flexibility with less effort. These include a 5-Megapixel camera with built-in microphone, MSR (Magnetic Strip Reader), RFID reader, 2D Barcode scanner, and soft-keys which are ideal for order entry, check-in, guided selling and more.

The right message at the right time
The intelligent software solution, Intel® RCM, delivers digital content to every screen with greater impact. Improve the effectiveness of brand ads by audience analytics, remotely manage your marketing campaign and launch customized content on the fly. “We believe Intel AIM can help bring better experiences to the customer by creating measurable, actionable intelligence back to the retailer,” says Rod O’Shea, Intel Marketing Director of IoT in EMEA.  “And this data is gathered anonymously and securely to provide real time insights without encroaching on the customers’ privacy, it can revolutionize how people shop.

Speed Shopper Discovery with Endless Aisle Browsing
The UTC-620E has native contact peripheral to help people increasingly shopping experience into digital channels. Combining search with a visual browsing experience effectively exposes shoppers to more products and helps them find what they’re looking for faster. Visual browsing gives more opportunity to extend a virtually limitless catalog of products to shoppers. UTC-620E empower the Endless Aisle visual browsing solution to helps shoppers rapidly explore available product online and checkout.

Nursing Home / Retirement Community
The UTC-620E equipped with camera and build-in microphone could provide the video/voice over IP feature in nursing home or retirement community, with its native large screen, people can chat with each other’s in different location. Even UTC-620E could become a gateway for home healthcare system to provide information or message to reminds people in better life.