Intelligent Customer Visit Management System

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Location: Bank branches in the Middle East

The wealth of most Arab nations makes the Middle East a highly competitive market for the banking industry. Banks have invested considerable resources into attracting and retaining VIP customers, with many banks hoping to expand their business and gain new customers by offering additional services and opening more branches. However, as the number of customers visiting branches increases, identifying VIP customers and maintaining a high service quality are becoming considerable challenges for bank staff.

To improve the customer experience and systematically manage customer visits, banks in the Middle East have begun adopting the latest information technology optimization solution – an intelligent customer visit management (CVM) system. Featuring Advantech’s UTC-515 and UTC-W101BF all-in-one touch computers (15.6”/10.1”), for use as self-service kiosks and customer feedback terminals, as well as digital signage displays, this system automates the reception process, identifies and categorizes visiting customers, and collects customer data.

System Requirements

  • Durable industrial-grade all-in-one touch computers 
  • Digital signage displays with camera
  • Repair and swap-out service


  • Improved service quality and efficiency
  • Automatic identification of VIP clients
  • Customer data collection for branch performance evaluations

Products Deployed

  • Advantech UTC-W101BF 15.6’’ all-in-one touch computer
  • Advantech UTC-510 10.1” all-in-one touch computer
  • Advantech digital signage player

Project Implementation

Automated Customer Reception and Identification
Advantech’s UTC all-in-one computers were installed at the bank branch entrance for use as self-service kiosks. Visiting customers can insert their ATM card into a self-service kiosk to identify themselves and access banking services. Navigating the intuitive touchscreen, customers can select the required service, fill out related e-forms, and obtain a queue ticket before sitting down comfortably and waiting to be served. For VIP customers, the system automatically notifies branch managers when they enter the bank, enabling trained staff to be ready to receive them and provide premium service.

Digital Signage with Video Analysis for Targeted Marketing
In addition to the queue status, digital signage installed in the customer waiting area can be used to present various advertisements and product/service information according to the customers’ demographics. To enable targeted marketing, the digital signage system was equipped with a camera and intelligent video analysis (IVA) software. IVA software captures and analyzes customer facial features to identify demographic information, such as gender and age. The digital signage system then uses this data to determine the broadcast content and marketing for specific customer groups.

Personalized Greeting and Customer Feedback  Collection
The customer identity information collected by the self-service kiosks is transmitted to all branch service counters. This enables bank staff to greet customers by name when they are called to a counter. After customers have been served, they can use the 10-inch tablet PCs provided at the counters to complete a satisfaction survey and provide feedback.

Customer Data Analysis for Service Optimization
Within the entire customer service process, IT plays a key role in help- ing banks collect big data regarding customer demographics, wait times, and satisfaction levels.  All collected data is then transmitted to a database at the bank headquarters for further analysis. Management can use the analysis results and subsequent reports to evaluate branch performance and identify areas for improvement.