The IoT Era Has Something in Store for You!

Retail and IoT – the dream-team of 2017? There are several reasons for investing in a new infrastructure in your store or chain: attracting customers with brand-new technology, increase service and satisfaction, efficiency and intelligent inventory management, among others. The following article we found for you gives you a deeper insight on what advantages the IoT era has in store for you HERE

Are “Whole Foods” soon “Digital Foods”?

The retail world got into shock when news spread that the US supermarket chain Whole Foods was bought by Amazon lasts weekend. Is this going to change the supermarket or even the whole brick-and-mortar retail landscape? Maybe it is time to re-think how shopping is done and implement technology to create a better experience for the customer. Isaac Sacolick shows some lessons he learned while going shopping HERE.

POS Software: Reasons for Web-based Applications

After having a look at the evolution of POS systems, we now will take a look at what powers the hardware.
The best POS system can only do so much without adjusted, proper retail and hospitality software installed on it. Most of the times a common operating system like Microsoft Windows or Linux is used and then the company software is installed on it. However, the trend is going to web- or cloud-based applications instead of locally installed software. HERE are five reasons why.

The History of POS Systems

Point of Sales (POS) systems have not been around for that long, but are already considered the second most important item on every retail and hospitality business, after the actual products or services of course. This is rather logical, as this is where the transaction of goods and services is officially executed.
If you are interested in knowing a little more about the history of POS systems, we have found THIS interesting article that briefly describes how the POS entered the mind of every retailer.

IoT: Payment and Security

IoT devices connect us with a plethora of devices which in return are connected with each other, allowing us to simplify processes. One of these most used processes are payment systems. The following study shows that the majority of consumers is aware of the improvements IoT technology offers their life, but also the caveats it presents. Have a deeper look by reading THIS ARTICLE.

Millennials and Retail

The new Millennials Generation is growing up and is ready to spend money! But what are their expectations? Does the retail and hospitality industry have to make crucial changes to their way of doing business to appeal to this new and very demanding audience? Read more about it HERE.
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