Brand Experience is the Key

Millennials are future of retail – and they are drastically changing it while spending more than ever before.
The article below describes what is important for a contemporary shopper to like a specific brand, which is, taken everything together and simplifying it, experiences.
While thus brand experiences and the atmosphere around a brand are becoming crucial, the question arises on how to achieve this. The third point that Lauren Freedman does is especially interesting, as latest hi-tech paves the way for experiencing new things. Read the article by clicking HERE and let us know what you think in the comments!

Shopping Stalker: How to Balance Customer Data and Service

Big Data is everywhere and will not leave us anytime soon. This data can give us new and relevant insights towards events, behavior and opportunities, not only in the retail and hospitality sector. However, where is the line where customer data actually helps the customer and where it gets creepy? Have a look at THIS interview with Tara Kelly to get more insights