Can Artificial Intelligence Change the Retail & Logistics Game?

Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana. These are a few among the many AI bots or assistants that are supposed to make our life a little more comfortable and intelligent. However, can this computer generated intelligence also be of use for the retail sector? The following article takes a closer look to what can be expected from AI in retail and logistsics and make it truly iRetail. Click HERE to read it.

Amway Implements Advantech Kiosks and POS Solutions

Currently ranked 2 9th on Forbes’ “America’s Largest Private Companies” list, Amway uses a multi-level marketing model to sell health, beauty, and home care products in various countries. In an effort to offer a truly unique customer shopping experience, Amway planned to build a customer experience center equipped with various interactive “experience kiosks”, such as makeup kiosks and body detection kiosks, that would provide an engaging one-stop shopping environment. Because this would be the first Amway customer experience center, the ability to provide prompt and satisfying service was the company’s most significant concern. To support its vision of providing integrated online and offline services, Amway required reliable, high-performance computing terminals to serve as interactive kiosks and point-of-sale (POS) systems. After evaluating several options, Amway selected Advantech to provide a comprehensive solution capable of supporting diverse applications.
Advantech provided its UTC-510 industrial-grade all-in-one touch computers, for use as interactive kiosks and digital signage displays, and its UPOS-510 POS system.

Read the whole implementation HERE

Use the Power of IoT to Get New Customers

Our partner Intel has written an interesting article that we would like to share with you. We know that the Internet of Things Technology (IoT) has been discussed to bring a faster, safer, more flexible and comfortable way for retail and hospitality businesses to service their customers. However, the technology has much more in store for you then just that. It can also “Wow” your potential new customers and get them interested in your store. Investing in this might be the next big differentiator in brick-and-mortar stores and hotel and restaurant locations. Have a deeper look into THIS ARTICLE

The IoT Era Has Something in Store for You!

Retail and IoT – the dream-team of 2017? There are several reasons for investing in a new infrastructure in your store or chain: attracting customers with brand-new technology, increase service and satisfaction, efficiency and intelligent inventory management, among others. The following article we found for you gives you a deeper insight on what advantages the IoT era has in store for you HERE

The History of POS Systems

Point of Sales (POS) systems have not been around for that long, but are already considered the second most important item on every retail and hospitality business, after the actual products or services of course. This is rather logical, as this is where the transaction of goods and services is officially executed.
If you are interested in knowing a little more about the history of POS systems, we have found THIS interesting article that briefly describes how the POS entered the mind of every retailer.

IoT: Payment and Security

IoT devices connect us with a plethora of devices which in return are connected with each other, allowing us to simplify processes. One of these most used processes are payment systems. The following study shows that the majority of consumers is aware of the improvements IoT technology offers their life, but also the caveats it presents. Have a deeper look by reading THIS ARTICLE.

Gamification – or: How to playfully engage customers with your brand

There are many ways to engage an audience or customers with a specific brand. But none is as unobtrusive and rewarding as gamification. This method uses video game mechanics such as leader boards, rewards, trophies and interactivity to let customers literally play with the brand. When done well, the impact of gamification techniques is impressive, however, what exactly is gamification and how can the retail and hospitality industry leverage its positive outcomes? Have a look at the THIS article by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff for more insight on this topic and let us know in the comments if you favor this method or not!

The RFID Retail Revolution

A very big part of every retail business happens behind the scenes –  in a place where the customer does not know what is happening. Behind the shiny floors and decorative show rooms of every retail store there are inventories and crucial logistic operations happening everyday. With RFID chips the process behind the scenes might finally get its overdue revolution. Read the whole story by Barbara Thau at HERE

Get #theMobileTouch with Advantech’s 10″ Mobile Tablet POS System

AIM-37 is an industrial-grade mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) system with a built-in barcode scanner and HD Corning® Gorilla® Glass display offering a mean time between failures (MTBF) of up to 12,000 hours. The system design is surprisingly thin (17 mm) and lightweight (800 g) to ensure maximum portability. AIM-37 features an IP54-rated front panel for protection from water and dust, as well as a directly bonded touchscreen with water tolerance and palm rejection for enhanced operation. Additionally, AIM-37 can be integrated with various peripherals and flexible installation mounts to support diverse applications.