Valuable customer experience with UTC-620 and Intel®RCM

In the new Intel® IoT Ignition Lab Swindon, a demonstration will be shown on the kiosk point-of-sale solution via a portrait panel PC with Intel® Retail Client Manager (Intel RCM) software application. This solution was realized by Advantech and Intel® Corporation.From left to right: Mike Fay, Sales Manager UK Advantech and and Rod O’Shea, Intel EMEA IOT Sales Director

Retailers would like to use every opportunity to influence consumers with their purchasing decisions. Having an all-in-one panel touch computer in-store with interactive content will have a great impact on shop visitors. Showing the collection the customer might be interested in based on their customer card for instance. The UTC-620, an all-in-one portrait retail panel computer with its 21.5” full-HD display, is optimal for reading content rich applications.

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Roving Reporter: Securing the Internet of POS

We would like to share with you again an interesting blog from Mark Scantlebury, writer for the high tech industry. Original url:


Most consumers, myself included, harbor very real fears of our private information getting in the hands of those who could steal our identity and money, as well as damage our credit ratings. Whether it’s using a credit card or virtual wallet or typing in a PIN, there’s always in the back of the mind a concern about where that data is going and who might have access to it.

Obviously, there’s good reason for this fear. As concepts such as the connected store and Internet of Things (IoT) gain speed and spread globally, so does the potential for data, security and privacy breaches. The people who commit these crimes keep right up with the technology trajectory, looking for new opportunities to create havoc and pad their pockets. This makes it imperative for retailers to constantly upgrade their ability to secure the POS systems, interactive kiosks, and any other retail devices that are part of or connected to a retailer’s transactional systems. The consequences of a security breach or failure are too great to ignore, including everything from substantial fines to loss of consumer trust and damage to a company’s brand.

Fortunately, companies like Intel, McAfee, and Microsoft are constantly upgrading security technology and the security features of their products. Equally important, board companies, particularly members of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance, are taking advantage of these security technologies and features to enable developers better ways each year to give retailers transactional products delivering ever higher levels of security. Continue reading

An Introduction to Kiosk Signage

Kiosks are an increasingly popular choice to deliver a range of application in public environments. Those in retail and hospitality industries are finding it important to have reliable kiosk solutions to provide customers vital information and also speed up sales process. View below video to see what kiosk signage can do in various environments.

The Mission Critical Digital Signage Network

The lack of full remote access has killed or crippled many digital signage networks because of the costs brought on by having to send technical people to installed sites to resolve whatever problems have developed with the media players or screens.

Often, the equipment is located in areas that are accessible only after normal operating hours, and sometimes only by a pair of workers using anything from ladders to hydraulic lifts. Rolling a truck – the oft-used phrase for field service calls – during overtime hours, and then renting equipment such as man-lifts, can send network operating costs through the roof.

The problem is especially troubling because it often takes hours to make the service arrangements, while the actual fix might take minutes or even seconds. Every network operations manager can tell you stories about trying to resolve issues with local managers, and then giving up and going on site – only to discover a PC or screens was unplugged. Continue reading

Back from ISE, What’s the Next Show for Digital Signage?

We could argue the case that Integrated Systems Europe has grown to such a degree it is THE must-attend for people in the digital signage industry, but as many or more people will argued the singularly-focused Digital Signage Expo –– next week in Las Vegas is the primary event.

DSE attendance is just a fraction of ISE, but everyone who goes is there to talk about digital signage and digital out of home, whereas ISE has a much broader scope.

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Partnerships are critical in digital signage

Let’s face it – digital signage looks easy from a distance, but on closer inspection, people tend to realize there’s actually a lot to it.

Though we’ve often seen marketing by companies that suggests they offer full end-to-end solutions, the truth is very few companies can provide full services on their own. They are sub-contracting some of the work, or they have partners.

How partnerships are defined can often have a big influence on their value and impact. There are lots of PR-driven partnerships – with press releases issued and logos appearing on websites – that have no material impact on day to day business. The companies barely know each other, and the partnership is just a loose notion of sending business over if and when the situation arises.

Some end-user customers see their commercial deals as partnerships, in hopes that means the vendor will actually give them the time of day once the contract ink has dried. The end user wants some sense the vendor is actually with them in building up a business. Certainly, a good vendor helps drive a client’s success, but is that a partnership or account management? Continue reading

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