Shaping Customer Experience with Digital Signage – Online Webinar

Digital signage is generally considered as one of the most powerful marketing and communication platforms for enterprises. Digital signage can be used for communicating and below are the common applications:

  1. Public information – news, weather, or information that is applicable for local needs such as where to find the information desk, flight departure or safety information etc
  2. Menu board – today’s offer with photos of the food, pricing, nutritional values etc
  3. Advertising – local promotional news, or general advertising messages for films, cosmetics etc
  4. Branding –in store display for branding purpose or customer engagement
  5. Influencing customer behaviour – influence customers by sending directional information on display or increase their dwelling time in specific store
  6. Enhancing customer experience – signage content to reduce perceived waiting time of the customers for example displaying medical related information in a clinic, or news in a bank.
  7. Enhancing the environment, create atmosphere – floor display or touch screen in a shop to enhance the atmosphere
  8. Internal information: Corporate messages, news for employees etc. Continue reading

Selling Digital Signage Effectively In The Channel

Selling digital signage technology looks relatively easy in principle, but proves much harder in practice for a lot of companies that add these products and services to their portfolios.

It’s a display mounted on a wall, driven by a PC, it’s reasonably assumed, so what could be hard about that?

The problem for companies that re-sell digital signage technology is that it is not just technology. It’s not just gear that does something. AV and systems integrators find new elements entering into the discussion – big questions about why and how. The real issue is what’s on the screen, why and how it gets refreshed.

A sales person who is very good at identifying the best, most cost-efficient technologies to make something happen for a client, or make something a client already has that much better, has probably never had a sales discussion about programming objectives, dwell times or the merits of embedded PC vs versus standalone systems.

It’s just different. And it’s why some resellers in the downstream sales channel struggle to be successful selling digital signage technologies. They can get the meetings and show the product because there is real interest in the marketplace, but closing that business is hard.

The biggest thing to remember and embrace is that this is not a pure technology sell. It cannot be treated as a SKU in a system like rack enclosures and mounting brackets. There’s too much involved.

Instead, this is a solutions-selling exercise. The person meeting with customers needs to pry out of their clients what they are trying to accomplish with digital signage, and then help them develop a plan that will deliver on those aspirations.

We break it down to three key questions: Continue reading