(A late Christmas news) Dazzling Christmas LED Walls in Brussels

Winter Wonders 2012 (Plaisirs D’hiver) festival was one of the major attractions in the centre of Brussels this Christmas. Thousands of people took leisurely strolls along the festive route between Place Saint-Jean and Marché au Poissons in a welcoming, dazzling and magical atmosphere typical of festivals at this time of year. The illuminated and sound-filled setting featured a wide range of fun activities (including street theatre, ice skating, music bands, and puppets etc.), as well as several large digital signage solutions. The Christmas holidays are also an important time for many businesses who rely on the busy trade to boost profits before the end of the year. And this year at the Winter Wonders festival, Christmas shoppers were also greeted by several spectacular LED walls installed before the holiday rush to boost trade advertising and public information and entertainment.

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