Smart Coffee Vending Tastes Even Better

Incredibly, over 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. Perhaps even more astounding is that this figure continues to rise. Coffee has always been the beverage of choice for today’s mobile and urban workforce and as more and more people around the globe adopt aspiring lifestyles, the demand for high quality, fresh ground and brewed coffee constantly grows, trending away from lower quality instant products. Consequently, coffee shops, restaurants, and vending machines have never been busier. However, whereas vended coffee beverages from newer, smarter machines that address today’s market dynamics are set to take off, offering convenience, efficiency, cost savings, and up-selling opportunities, coffee shop operations are damaging profitability in many smaller shops and restaurants due to lack of controls on production. With the current procedures in place, staff can produce drinks without payment for friends and family and even commit employee fraud. Continue reading