Size does matter

For long digital signage media player manufacturers have continuously strived to develop smaller and smaller devices. A lot has happened since the times that standard desktop PCs were still common in our market.

Obviously, the advantages of using small media players for digital signage are clear, they are easy to hide behind or close to a screen and much easier to handle and ship around.

Nowadays we see so many small devices on the market that the question is: “Do we really need even smaller ones?”  I believe we don’t, digital signage players shouldn’t necessary be very small, but they should be flat.  Displays are getting thinner, and mounting a small footprint player that is thicker than the display doesn’t always make sense.

Advantech’s new DS-06x Ultra Slim Series  are not only extremely thin, measuring only 19mm, but also have a small footprint with 18x19cm. Continue reading

Fitting Into the Most Unusual Space, Stretch Your Signage Display

Digital signage is an innovative medium for targeted information, entertainment, promotions and advertising, delivered in visually rich multimedia formats designed to attract consumers. Since digital signage is so ubiquitous these days, people no longer ask what it is because digital signage has matured into a fully developed, versatile product that has adapted to many different applications and environments. Digital signage displays now come in unusual shapes or configurations but 42″ and above are the most common sizes. However, large-sized displays with conventional aspect ratios of 16:9 or 16:10 have limitations— in locations where they are restricted in height or physical space. Like on elevators, buses, train stations, and hotel hall, the installation space is limited but the requirement for digital signage is huge. LED signage seem to be a good fit for these kinds of space-limited applications; however, LEDs are usually heavy, power consuming, and display low-resolution images. The demand calls for a new design of displays. Continue reading