Enhancing digital signage experience in banks

Digital signage is a common feature in bank branches nowadays, creating a more immersive customer experience and an effective communication channel. To engage and retain customers, many banks are utilizing digital signage in their traditional branches to improve the overall customer experience, showing relevant information about banking products, news and stock updates, entertainment, as well as real-time queuing information.

As bank services become increasingly complex and diverse, it’s important to be able to quickly update real-time information to all branches such as exchange rates and financial news. With digital signage installed, it’s a simple task to change content from a central control server. Content can also be edited locally or from a central control server then dispatched to individual branches each day, which makes it easier on the bank rather than hav¬ing employees at each branch change content themselves. Moreover, interior banking signage usually requires wall or ceiling mount installations, therefore a slim and light design signage player is preferable. Continue reading

Empowered customer care in banking

The banking industry is being transformed. Thanks to branch automation management, banks using the Customer Visit System® (CVM) have improved services, personalizing the customer experience with a more friendly touch. 

There are plenty of people in the bank, plenty of lines to wait in, and plenty of time to be lost waiting to get to the teller window. But on this trip, it’s a little diffferent. On the way to the bank, you remotely place yourself in a queue using a smartphone app. You walk in, the bank managers wanders over and greets you by name. Maybe she asks how your last business trip went, or how you’re settling in to the new house. There’s not a lot of time for talk though, as it’s your turn at the window. The teller gretts you by name as well and asks how the new car is running. It’s all quite surreal: you might feel a bit as if the bank is being run by your best friends.

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Discover New Location for Signage Display

In order to quickly reach beneficial result, today’s marketing activities turn to focus on targeted groups in specific locations. People start to look for a new medium tool for those venues where they are never mentioned to play advertising or promotions in rich multimedia. Elevator is one of exciting places where people shuttle through every day. To meet the market’s requirement, Advantech provides an alternative – DSD-5038 stretched signage display, its super wide letterbox shape perfectly fits restricted elevator space.

The elevator is usually fast but small, so passengers do not take much time on elevators. Therefore, the display must be slim to fit an elevator’s inside limited space. Meanwhile, it should support multimedia playback to draw passengers’ attention in a short time. Lastly, the signage display is installed in the upward position, so the display is required to be viewed clearly from varied angles, especially from the bottom. Continue reading

Advantech Brings Digital Content to Life at Integrated Systems Europe 2014

Advantech will present its complete hardware portfolio of digital in-store solutions in the Digital Signage Hall 8 stand

M210 at Integrated Systems Europe from 4 to 6 February 2014 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Advantech will demonstrate solutions serving a wide variety of applications including retail & hospitality, self-service, public services, transportation, education, entertainment and corporate use. Continue reading

Whitepaper: Making the most of Android’s promise for digital signage

Dozens of different options for digital signage solutions that pair the open source Android operating system with low-cost media playback devices have emerged recently in the marketplace, but choosing the right one is anything but simple. Without careful hardware selection and software optimization, the lower capital cost promise of Android-based digital signage systems can easily be offset and overwhelmed by the higher operating costs of repairing and replacing unreliable, underperforming systems.

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Shaping Customer Experience with Digital Signage – Online Webinar

Digital signage is generally considered as one of the most powerful marketing and communication platforms for enterprises. Digital signage can be used for communicating and below are the common applications:

  1. Public information – news, weather, or information that is applicable for local needs such as where to find the information desk, flight departure or safety information etc
  2. Menu board – today’s offer with photos of the food, pricing, nutritional values etc
  3. Advertising – local promotional news, or general advertising messages for films, cosmetics etc
  4. Branding –in store display for branding purpose or customer engagement
  5. Influencing customer behaviour – influence customers by sending directional information on display or increase their dwelling time in specific store
  6. Enhancing customer experience – signage content to reduce perceived waiting time of the customers for example displaying medical related information in a clinic, or news in a bank.
  7. Enhancing the environment, create atmosphere – floor display or touch screen in a shop to enhance the atmosphere
  8. Internal information: Corporate messages, news for employees etc. Continue reading

A Blog from Intel: Pieces All Coming Together for Large Digital Signage Systems

We would like to share with you again an interesting blog from Mark Scantlebury, writer for the high tech industry.

Original url: http://embedded.communities.intel.com/community/en/applications/blog/2013/03/25/roving-reporter-pieces-all-coming-together-for-large-digital-signage-systems


While editing articles for the upcoming April issue of Embedded Innovator magazine, I noticed that there is a major effort underway to make it easier to implement and scale digital signage systems. Where once there was just the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), now there’s also the Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework.

This is the dynamic duo in industry specifications for digital signage systems. OPS provides a modular standard for displays and media players, enabling the design of media players that fit neatly into a slot in the back of a display to facilitate installation, maintenance and upgrades. The Intel Intelligent Systems Framework provides a common set of interoperable guidelines to address the fundamental capabilities required for connecting, managing, and securing intelligent devices in a consistent and scalable manner. Continue reading

(A late Christmas news) Dazzling Christmas LED Walls in Brussels

Winter Wonders 2012 (Plaisirs D’hiver) festival was one of the major attractions in the centre of Brussels this Christmas. Thousands of people took leisurely strolls along the festive route between Place Saint-Jean and Marché au Poissons in a welcoming, dazzling and magical atmosphere typical of festivals at this time of year. The illuminated and sound-filled setting featured a wide range of fun activities (including street theatre, ice skating, music bands, and puppets etc.), as well as several large digital signage solutions. The Christmas holidays are also an important time for many businesses who rely on the busy trade to boost profits before the end of the year. And this year at the Winter Wonders festival, Christmas shoppers were also greeted by several spectacular LED walls installed before the holiday rush to boost trade advertising and public information and entertainment.

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Advantech’s Team Has Big Plans For ISE 2013

The annual Integrated Systems Europe trade show is always a highlight for our team, because it brings together so many experts and so much great technology.

ISE 2013, Jan. 29-31 in Amsterdam, will be particularly big because one of our products is an awards finalist, and one of our top people will be speaking. It’s also the 10th anniversary of a show many regard as the biggest of its kind globally.

The ARK-DS262 digital signage player is a finalist in the EMEA InAVation Awards 2013, which recognizes the top products in Pro AV from the past 12 months. It’s the only independent region-wide awards scheme, and we’re very pleased to see our product among those cited. Continue reading

European digital signage market trends and application (part I)

Development of digital signage solution (DSS) technologies and applications has matured over time. To gain more insight into the reasons behind this phenomenon, we have interviewed our European Business Development Manager, Bas Smeets, to discuss about the future trends, significant development of the Digital Signage industry.

  • Why do you consider networking with software companies such an important element in our success?

Bas: Software is critically important to our success. Customers have different preferences and want utilities designed to their specific needs. What is  appropriate for one may not be good for another. Every customer should think about what they need in a good digital signage system. Different software has different capabilities, for instance, one software solution’s focus may be on delivering advertising. With good relationships with software vendors, we can learn what customers need, have more opportunities to collaborate and gain recommendations from word-of-mouth advertising. Continue reading