Retail Technology Trends in 2018

Welcome to 2018 and happy new year!
Technology transformation – is that the keyword for retail technology in this year? Will AI take over and automate our ordering processes even more, so that we get orders of things we do not even know we want yet? Will WhatsApp take over our customer shopping habits and decrease the phone calls we have to do?

2018 surely promises to be a breakthrough year in technology, after 2017 showed us what technology customers accept and want to use. VR, AR, AI, Big Data and a focus on experience shopping were the great themes last year, which will undoubtedly influence what will happen this year. Have a look AT THIS ARTICLE to see what might be in store for you

Brand Experience is the Key

Millennials are future of retail – and they are drastically changing it while spending more than ever before.
The article below describes what is important for a contemporary shopper to like a specific brand, which is, taken everything together and simplifying it, experiences.
While thus brand experiences and the atmosphere around a brand are becoming crucial, the question arises on how to achieve this. The third point that Lauren Freedman does is especially interesting, as latest hi-tech paves the way for experiencing new things. Read the article by clicking HERE and let us know what you think in the comments!

Augment the Shopping Reality

In the last few years one could see a tremendous decrease in physicals stores opening and an increase in stores closing their doors. The online shopping experience seems to take over and be favored by most customers. This leads many to think: “Brick-and-Mortar shops are dead!”, “Online commerce is the future!” This might be the wrong direction to turn to, as the future might just take both worlds and create an augmented reality shopping experience that ties online and physical shopping together.

Have a look at THIS amazing read for the weekend and let us know: Is this the future?