A Blog from Intel: Roving Reporter: One + One = 3D

We are glad to share here an interesting blog from Mark Scantlebury, writer for the high tech industry.

Original url: http://embedded.communities.intel.com/community/en/applications/blog/2012/09/20/roving-reporter-one-one-3d


Glasses-free 3D, also known as auto-stereoscopic 3D, is a hot trend right now in digital signage. In a medium where compelling imagery is king, what better way to break out of the clutter than images that appear to leap off the screen and into the viewer’s environment? If a digital signage system designer is looking for a way to outdo the competition, this is truly it. Not only will 3D images get more attention, but 3D images will also earn more dwell time. It’s not unusual with glasses-free 3D for people to reach out and put their hands where they see the image coming out of the screen—a phenomenon that puts a whole new spin on the concept of a touch screen!

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