Enabling new intelligent services for the future

By Wanger and Pictures from Advantech

Interview with CH Wu, Vice President of Advantech iServices & Applied Computing Group


What is intelligence? The term implies some mystery, and sparks imagination. But how to define it? When is life smart enough, and what is the basis of “intelligence”? Actually, intelligence does not have a single, specific characteristic, and all definitions come from the habits and preferences of users. What do users need now? And what may they need in the future? Everything must be available immediately and even be ready in advance, that is the true spirit of intelligence.

Four features to create intelligent life
Automation technology has been used in a wide range of fields for many years, but the manufacturing sector is still the largest consumer of related applications. As a result, some industries, such as medical care, automotive, finance, logistics and retail, are not familiar with the latest technologies and the ways in which they can add distinct competitive advantages. CH Wu, Vice President, Advantech iServices & Applied Computing Group, noted that hardware suppliers with rich experience in manufacturing automation need to build on prior communication and complete aftersales service, rather than just providing the best hardware.

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