Why Content Plays Second Fiddle On So Many Digital Sign Networks, And What To Do About It

When is the last time you were stopped dead in your tracks by the sleek industrial design of a big flat panel display – its thin bezel, its brightness and contrast ratios, or the way it was fixed on a wall?

When was the last time you stood transfixed at how content management software handled video playback without dropping a frame, and showed a clock, the weather and even a news ticker at the same time!!!

Never, right?

In digital signage, displays and software are just enabling technologies. But they are enabling very little if what’s on the screen is not making people look, and keep looking.

Content is the most important part of any digital signage installation, yet so often it is the last thing end-users think about when they’re planning and launching their networks.

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European market trends and application review (part II)

In the second part of this interview, Bas has further elaborated the applicability of Advantech solutions in the current digital signage industry.
  • In which area or market do you think Advantech’s products can be the most competitive?

Bas: Our products can actually be competitive in every market. For example, in retail, we present the reliability of our products as an advantage. In open areas such as supermarkets and stores, the signage display needs to be available all the time. Therefore, reliability really stands out as a crucial factor for users; a broken system or one that performs poorly will not draw customers. Having a standardized model is also good for large quantity purchases. We strive to make our products indispensable to our customers.

Reliability is especially important in dangerous environments such as certain geographic locations, places with extremely high or low temperatures,  and in smoke-filled areas like restaurants. Our products are competitive and fill a market niche not found in other’s products. Continue reading

Remember Connectivity In Your Digital Signage Planning

Companies in the early stages of planning digital signage networks often get focused on the hardware and software, and are often reminded and scolded that they also need to think about strategy and content. What often gets completely ignored is connectivity.

Internet access seems ubiquitous, and that there is no end of options, but the choices made around how networks are updated and managed need to factor in several considerations, or there can be problems with reliability, ease of management and budget.

Let’s look at the main options: satellite, mobile and terrestrial. Each has strengths and weaknesses.


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