Enhance Your Shopping Experience in One Touch

Nowadays, digital signage is everywhere. It has become a popular marketing tool which can provide real time information such as map or promotional messages, advertising in rich multimedia formats to attract consumers, and to influence their behaviors. Interactive digital signage allows consumers to interact with the signage to enhance customer engagement and in-store sales. Among all public places, shopping malls are one of the ideal venues to utilize interactive digital signage.

Shopping mall is typically an environment that is noisy and crowded, if a digital signage is to be installed it has to carry big enough screen with good image quality in order to draw customers’ attention.  Moreover, fast, yet accurate touch responses would be required to build a reliable interactive interface. Lastly, the signage needs to be rugged enough to withstand 24/7 usage and interactivity. Therefore, reliability and longevity are crucial for a successful deployment of digital signage in shopping mall. Continue reading