Discover New Location for Signage Display

In order to quickly reach beneficial result, today’s marketing activities turn to focus on targeted groups in specific locations. People start to look for a new medium tool for those venues where they are never mentioned to play advertising or promotions in rich multimedia. Elevator is one of exciting places where people shuttle through every day. To meet the market’s requirement, Advantech provides an alternative – DSD-5038 stretched signage display, its super wide letterbox shape perfectly fits restricted elevator space.

The elevator is usually fast but small, so passengers do not take much time on elevators. Therefore, the display must be slim to fit an elevator’s inside limited space. Meanwhile, it should support multimedia playback to draw passengers’ attention in a short time. Lastly, the signage display is installed in the upward position, so the display is required to be viewed clearly from varied angles, especially from the bottom. Continue reading