European digital signage market trends and application (part I)

Development of digital signage solution (DSS) technologies and applications has matured over time. To gain more insight into the reasons behind this phenomenon, we have interviewed our European Business Development Manager, Bas Smeets, to discuss about the future trends, significant development of the Digital Signage industry.

  • Why do you consider networking with software companies such an important element in our success?

Bas: Software is critically important to our success. Customers have different preferences and want utilities designed to their specific needs. What is  appropriate for one may not be good for another. Every customer should think about what they need in a good digital signage system. Different software has different capabilities, for instance, one software solution’s focus may be on delivering advertising. With good relationships with software vendors, we can learn what customers need, have more opportunities to collaborate and gain recommendations from word-of-mouth advertising. Continue reading