Empowered customer care in banking

The banking industry is being transformed. Thanks to branch automation management, banks using the Customer Visit System® (CVM) have improved services, personalizing the customer experience with a more friendly touch. 

There are plenty of people in the bank, plenty of lines to wait in, and plenty of time to be lost waiting to get to the teller window. But on this trip, it’s a little diffferent. On the way to the bank, you remotely place yourself in a queue using a smartphone app. You walk in, the bank managers wanders over and greets you by name. Maybe she asks how your last business trip went, or how you’re settling in to the new house. There’s not a lot of time for talk though, as it’s your turn at the window. The teller gretts you by name as well and asks how the new car is running. It’s all quite surreal: you might feel a bit as if the bank is being run by your best friends.

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Makes waiting for a table easier

La Pasta is a popular Italian restaurant chain in Taipei, with several locations in the city, including the upscale Tianmu area and the Neihu technology corridor. Their popularity often leads to long waits for tables which average about 20~30 minutes. Many potential customers give up rather than enduring the wait.

Restaurant owners were quick to identify the problem and wanted to find a solution that would make customers happier as well as capture the additional business…

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