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Advantech Intelligent Retail & Hospitality Solutions
Advantech Intelligent Retail Solutions make services more thoughtful, more efficient in business operating and strategy planning.
Digital technologies and shopper behaviour have changed the retail business, check it out!
All-in-one touch computers & interactive kiosk solutions
Advantech Ubiquitous Touch Computers 500 series creates an easy way to satisfy different scenaros. Side groove design for flexible peripherals and stylish stands leverage the functions of interactive kiosks for better performance.
Application Story: 7″ Tablet used in Pharmacy Retailer in Australia
Advantech Pocket Pad, 7″ tablet helping to transform retail operations within the largest pharmacy retailer in Australia. The tablets play an integral part in the day-to-day operations of the outlets, bringing the computer to the staff rather than dragging the staff back to the computer.
Point of Sale systems with remote management
AdvanPOS Point-of-Sale systems with remote management software embedded. You can directly control remote desktops through the remote KVM tool. This reduces maintenance time and labor cost.
Retail Touch Computer Portrait mode – UTC-620
The UTC-620 is an all-in-one multifunctional panel computer for retail applications with. Intel® Core™ i5. A lot of peripherals which allows system integrators to have more flexibility with less effort. Like a 5-Megapixel camera with built-in microphone, MSR (Magnetic Strip Reader), RFID reader, 2D Barcode scanner and more
Application examples with All-in-one UTCs
Advantech UTC series, with digital display technology, integrate input devices provide the best solution in different application.
Intelligent Public Service
Technology brings better quality of life. Experience, exchange, effective at every place with the UTC series of Advantech