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Amid lots of discussion, opinion and angst surrounding the AT&T/T-mobile US merger, CTIA got off to a great start this week in Orlando. It would be remiss of us to ignore completely the buzz although there are plenty of people that would love to do so. AT&T has been vocal this week articulating the benefits of the proposed $39 billion T-Mobile acquisition. Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO, talked during an investor call on Monday of “a major industry shift here to build powerful LTE networks, which will prove to be the critical infrastructure for the United States economy.” We are certainly behind anything that will help accelerate the build out of LTE infrastructure. The Yea and Naysayers can all be heard walking the isles at CTIA and while the government antitrust folks will be taking a long hard look at this deal the scuttlebutt over the last couple of days seems to be predicting that this deal will happen. When and at what cost is still the subject of much speculation.

LTE itself is a major topic at CTIA (Yes on our booth as well) with a multitude of vendors announcing and demonstrating new products and technologies. Samsung have been demonstrating their Smart LTE solution with a line-up that consists of SmartCluster, SmartCell, and Cloud solution. SmartCluster is designed to reduce interference between cells and sectors. SmartCell is an effective solution to increase capacity and hole filling in a cell. Cloud solution is an innovative convergence solution which combines cloud computing and cellular networks.

T-Mobile has been making more waves with announcements related to their HSPA+ network. They will be making speeds up to 42Mbps available in New York City, Orlando, Florida, and Las Vegas sometime this spring and expect to have approximately 25 markets humming along at warp speed by midyear.

Discussions at our booth, where we are collaborating with 6WIND, have been primarily related to the construction of new LTE and RAN network elements. We have been extremely pleased with the overall interest and upbeat market expectations of all the folks we have spoken with. This bodes well for the future for us all.

Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector Marketing Director

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  1. Dan Bonde says:

    I have been following your blog with interest and its great to see some of the views from companies like yours. The whole AT&T thing has really caused a lot of speculation which as an end user I am interested to see how the end result pans out. As a network development manager I whole heartedly agree with the points about LTE stimulus – there are exciting times ahead.

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