SIP Application Servers

Technology, architecture, computing performance, and bandwidth, all these elements continue to advance, however, on their own they are simply enablers, enablers of applications. The all IP network as defined by 3GPP’s IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) architecture has created the ultimate enabling environment in which the ultimate enabler is the SIP Application Server. The IMS market continues to grow fueled by continued deployment of VoIP, LTE and other enhanced mobile services. Service provider spending on IMS related infrastructure is forecasted to reach nearly $4.5 billion over the next 5 years (Infonetics Research), and SIP Application Servers will be a healthy chunk of that spend.

The concept of the SIP Application Server is elegant in the way in which it provides a highly flexible and seamless construct allowing for new value added services to be implemented quickly and easily. One key element in this “seamlessness” is the ability for a SIP Application Server to bridge multiple environments. One could happily be at home working (or interworking) with legacy TDM and IN (Intelligent Network), transitional NGN or fully fledged IMS networks.

While the ability to bridge and transition from pre IMS solutions is crucial, future potential revenue generating applications are the primary attraction of the SIP Application Server. Application development and implementation is solidly grounded in the Java and Web 2.0 environments enabling the ability to create interactive web & smartphone communications applications, examples could be “click-to-call or click-to-dial.” When linked with media capabilities whether implemented directly inside the SIP Application server or provided by an adjunct Media Server the potential applications are almost without bounds.

  • TDM-VoIP Gateway
  • IP Media Server
  • Voice/Video IVR
  • Automated Collect Calling
  • Mobile IP conferencing
  • Consumer VoIP and IM
  • Mobile multi-party video sharing
  • Remote TV/PVR manager
  • Unified Voice/Video Messaging
  • Prepaid Voice/Video Calling Cards

The broad range of potential applications that may be provided by a SIP Application Server makes platform flexibility and configurability critical. AdvancedTCA, therefore, represents the perfect system platform architecture. With the ability to mix and match raw processing performance with media capabilities and network bandwidth options, Advantech’s product line is unmatched. Compute performance and flexibility is at the core of all SIP Application Servers. Offering the highest available AdvancedTCA performance envelope, network performance fueled by a 10GbE controller and database performance assured through the 48GB of triple channel DDR3, Advantech’s dual processor Intel® Xeon® 5600-based MIC-5322 is the perfect choice for your SIP Application Server.

Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector Marketing Director


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