Secret Bavarian R&D Center

This week I travelled all the way from France to get a sneak peek inside Advantech’s Secret Bavarian R&D Center. It is hidden in a small historic town called Amberg, oh gosh now it’s no longer a secret.

To help all our readers get a better understanding of all the cool developments that Advantech have been working on,  Peter Marek and I created this light hearted video that gives you an inside look at the latest and greatest from our engineering teams.

In the video you can see our latest AdvancedTCA Intel Xeon Blade, learn about our FMMs (Flexible Mezzanine Modules), Custom RTMs (Rear Transition Module) and flexible NMCs (Network Mezzanine Cards). Gosh don’t we like our TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms)

Follow this link to see the video and do let us have some feedback on our products and of course the wonderful acting.



Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector Marketing Director


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