NAB Show 2014 – Accelerating Video for tomorrow – HEVC & 4K

Next week we’re off  to NAB Show 2014 in Las Vegas. This year for some obscure reason  Interop and NAB Show are back-to-back. The good news about that is we only have to ship half of the booth up the road from Manadalay Bay to the Convention Center to join the other half. The bad news depends on whether you covet a second week in Vegas or not. I’m heading off to meetings in Phoenix between the two shows so won’t be partaking in any extra crap shooting beyond Interop or testing out telekinetics on roulette balls. For those who get to stay – good luck!

At NAB our DSP team will  showcase a wave of new solutions all ready to serve growing broadcast market demands.  With the arrival of 4K and 8Kultra-high-definition video content, the emerging new HEVC standard, and initiatives that leveragethe Internet infrastructure for video content distribution and video processing in the cloud, the broadcasting industries are undergoing dramatic changes in order to embrace new technologies, deployment strategies and delivery schemes. To accompany broadcasting equipment providers with faster integration to meet time-to-market constraints, Advantech will be close collaborating with Texas Instruments (TI) to demonstrate several ways to accelerate the implementation of next-generation video solutions. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll be able to see on the Adavntech booth:

  • DSP-8683 PCIe-based add-on card that integrates SDI-3G, HDMI and IP interfaces with cutting-edge multicore processors based on the KeyStone™ architecture from TI with on-chip ARM® and DSP cores. HEVC encoding, decoding and streaming functions are supported in this new product which now offers the flexibility of standalone operation without the need for an external host processor.
  • DSP-8684 PCIe-based add-on card that supports all the features of the DSP-8683 but doubles the video processing capability for higher resolution and channel density. Full details of the DSP-8683 and DSP-8684 will be released at NAB.

Two innovative conceptual standalone boxes for fast-track development of the above will also be on display.

  • DSP-8681 and DSP-8682 PCIe-based add-on cards with the HEVC codec from TI which support various resolutions (including 720p and 1080p) and video qualities (such as low-latency, video conferencing and broadcasting). The new HEVC codec being showcased provides a wide range of options in supporting different bit rates, latency times, frame rates and resolutions for addressing numerous demands from the market.
  • JPEG2000 4K DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) video decoding on a single DSP-8682 PCIe add-on card demonstrating the flexibility and scalability that Advantech video processing cards based on TI’s KeyStone architecture possess in meeting the challenges of dealing with ultra-high-definition video content.
  • DSP-8662 and DSP-8662H PCIe-based add-on cards that integrate multiple SDI-3G, HDMI and IP interfacesfor orchestrating multi-viewer and video-wall demonstrations by carrying the video over IP.

Live demonstrations of all of these video processing cards integrated into video carrier platforms will take place at the Advantech booth showing how the integrated platforms provide ideal vehicles for both development and solution adoption.

We will also be demonstrating the new concept of video-over-IP based on SMPTE 2022 which carries video over high-speed Ethernet interfaces. This new method of carrying raw video data through the IP infrastructure eliminates the need of deploying legacy video cables that consume more space and cost when massive Ultra High Definition video channels are required.

In addition to our own demos, Advantech is partnering with Utelisys, who will be showcasing field-deployed solutions which show how Advantech platforms based on TI DSP technology are being used to enable highest channel-density video streaming services using HLS (HTTPLive Streaming) technology.

All the demonstration will be showcased at Advantech Booth SU11604 during NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 7-10, 2014.

Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector Marketing Director


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