Test Drive 40G and 100G Networking Gear

If you want to test out a quad socket Intel Xeon-based network appliance with 48 cores and sixteen 40G ports with hardware crypto acceleration, now  you can.

It’s worth noting that the hardware will cost about the same price as your company car but you might like to know that customers are finding it easier to leverage Advantech’s new remote evaluation services rather than ruin their R&D budgets or wait for the next available one in the loan pool.

When it comes to even higher-end plaforms like 14-slot eATCA systems with nearly 300 cores, 40G backplanes and terabit switching, well you can test one of those out too but then weight becomes a factor to consider on top of cost. At well over 100 kilos and priced at more than 1k$ per kg you’ll need to consider the fork lift investment for your lab as well as the shipping.

The processing density and performance is unbeatable though and the extra 4x more real-estate on the transition modules means you can easily get more than 100G in and out of each dual Intel Xeon based blade. In fact there’s enough space to add some extra offload, load-balancing, flow processing or your own secret sauce.

We launched our remote evaluation services web page today, so if you’re interested in taking some leading edge networking gear for a test drive, check out  the new web page or click on the image below to discover just how easy it is.


RES Twist3

Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector Marketing Director



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