A sunny week at Amsterdam hosted the most successful IBC so far. Takeaways and insights from the show were priceless and as clear as the sky: the future is IP. With the arrival of UHD, SDI has reached a dead end. Although it is technically possible, 4K over SDI lacks flexibility and boosts costs. IP-based operations open up a networked world of possibilities which management and post-production workflows are already enjoying. The next big challenge: IP live production. The objective: a low-latency, lossless, high-capacity media network built on standards.

Broadcasters and manufacturers are envisioning the IP future and IBC was the place to make a statement. An achievement well worth mentioning in live production was showcased by the BBC R&D at the EBU Technology booth, live coverage of the Commonwealth Games in UHD format based on the BBC R&D’s IP studio technology. At hall 12, Sony, BCE and Level 3 Communications demonstrated a full 4K production delivered live over IP from Luxembourg to Amsterdam as part of Sony’s keynote speech. Interoperability was a shared concern looking forward. A multi-vendor infrastructure is viewed by broadcasters as the only way to fully benefit from a true democratization of the media network and make it worth the major transition effort.

At the Advantech booth, we had the chance to discuss challenges and opportunities in the path towards the future IP video infrastructure thanks to the introduction of two new IP-based products: the FPGA-8800 SMPTE 2022 video-over-IP card and the HVS-9600 Networked Media Server, built to process IP-based media in the cloud. Watch the video below to learn how we bring our video and networking backgrounds together to help video infrastructure manufacturers accelerate next-generation IP-based media workflows.



Charo Sanchez – Product Marketing Manager

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