If You Are Going to IDF, Be Sure to Meet Packetarium XLc

This summer, Advantech’s NCG team has re-scheduled its vacation to arrive on time for Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. This important event in Advantech’s calendar has been the chosen one to debut the new Packetarium XLc. San Francisco is a place like no other. The two years I spent there changed my perception of things and my attitude towards work and life. Its spirit is contagious and goes beyond technical innovation. Its positive energy, the ability to reinvent everything and people’s non-limited mindsets drive a collaborative community that relies on talent to reach the impossible.

The new Advantech Packetarium XLc is also a platform like no other. A lot of the virtualization of networking functions has been taking place in central offices, enterprises and data centers based on commercial off-the-shelf servers. But a gap existed outside of these central locations.

Advantech’s Packetarium XLc breaks this pattern. The new scale-out platform has been designed to support an elastic network infrastructure able to expand Network Function Virtualization (NFV) benefits to the network edge. To achieve this, Advantech has reinvented the carrier grade blade server with ATCA-like infrastructure and management traits but in a significantly more compact, versatile and cost-optimized design. The new carrier grade blade server combines IT and high-end networking features with high availability and NEBS-compliant design principles to enable a versatile and scalable hardware platform that can be deployed to run the same Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) that run in the data center anywhere in the network. Advantech’s Packetarium XLc is not limited to greenfield installations and allows network operators to exploit the huge potential of NFV across real-world brownfield network deployments.


Just as the beer slogan goes: Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach, the same is true for Packetarium XL in the network. We’re pretty sure that most servers can’t reach the same places in the network as Packetarium XLc can. Only a carrier grade architecture can withstand some of the environmental and space constraints of the edge and access networks.

I hope all IDF 2015 attendees enjoy the city (including Monday morning shakes) as well as the new Packetarium XLc and that your parts get refreshed at IDF. Have a drink to the good times in SF!

Charo Sanchez – Product Marketing Manager

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