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Telco Systems and Advantech Partner on Open vCPE Portfolio for SMB Segment

Telco Systems, a leading provider of innovative CE 2.0, MPLS, IP, SDN/NFV solutions today announced a partnership with Advantech to enable the rapid deployment of its new NFVTime vCPE suite across a range of Advantech white-box appliances for vCPE. The partnership will allow Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to implement new managed services faster and more efficiently using optimized turnkey solutions based on open standards. The press release, “Telco Systems and Advantech Partner on Open vCPE Portfolio for SMB Segment” can be found on the Telco News site here and at Advantech here.

The partnership between Telco Systems and Advantech enables the rapid deployment of Telco Systems’ NFVTime open vCPE across a range of Advantech white box appliances. The NFVTime suite is a service-ready, plug-and-play vCPE solution integrating white box hardware, NFVi-OS and a broad VNF portfolio that are centrally managed and orchestrated. NFVTime allows telcos and managed service providers the agility to smoothly deploy any VNF service, including SD-WAN, vRouter, vFirewall, vProbe, vSecurity and much more, remotely and at any time with zero touch provisioning.

Telco Systems NFVi-OS, at the core of the offering, has been designed from the ground up to address CSP demands for higher per-core processing and more efficient networking, while maintaining the benefits of open source software. In addition to providing higher performance, NFVTime-OS brings increased agility through new lightweight management and orchestration (MANO) methods in an innovative approach to zero-touch deployment and provisioning. When combined with open standard white box appliances from Advantech based on Intel Architecture, CSPs not only gain the scalability and acceleration advantages of OVS-DPDK, SR-IOV and Intel QuickAssist Technology, but also the benefits of choice and multi-vendor flexibility made possible by the separation of software from hardware.

The announcement takes market disruption one step further step in enabling service providers to address new virtual customer premise markets. CSPs can rely on a solid design, manufacturing, logistics and services chain from Advantech providing the optimized whitebox engineering, branding, and logistics with advanced replacement needed for global deployment of NFVTime solutions.

NFVTime works seamlessly across Advantech’s Universal whitebox vCPE range bringing customers a wider choice of performance, port count and network interface types. Together with a comprehensive remote management and control system, its zero-touch provisioning, disaster recovery and vCPE controller offer a compelling solution for new generation NFV edge deployments.
The NFVTime management and operations solution starts with the zero-touch deployment of a device and follows with automatic activation, authentication, and upgrade of software components. The ability to define service templates with multiple VNFs and network profiles by the customer or by customer site, dramatically reduces deployment time, operational support costs, and provides for rapid reaction to create and offer new services.

To address comprehensive carrier-grade security policies an embedded security app provides critical vCPE security functionality for secure boot, install and update as well as advanced access control and single sign-on (SSO) functionality to reduce the risk of physical tampering. This inclusive security framework closes the gap on any CSP security concerns in open system offerings.

Entry-Level Intel® Atom™ Class Deployment – FWA-1010VC

The FWA-1010VC is available in several Intel® Atom™ Processor for server configurations, ensuring that the right performance level can be matched to the workload at hand. Rich LAN connectivity is provided by two Gigabit Ethernet ports supporting copper as well as SFP to deliver flexibility in connecting to existing on-premise infrastructure without external media converters. Four integrated copper ports supporting auto crossover cabling (MDX) are connected to an integrated switch which not only saves the complexity of an external switch but also frees up valuable CPU cycles for better application performance as LAN-to-LAN traffic is handled by hardware. An additional 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet port can be used for additional LAN connectivity or the implementation of a DMZ. The FWA-1010VC can also connect to mobile networks via a 3G/4G module which includes an internal SIM card slot. This allows Hybrid / SD-WAN like services to perform traffic management. Integration of an optional WiFi module with 2×2 MIMO support provides access point functionality. ECC memory is supported as it is a crucial element in providing enterprise customers with stringent SLAs.

Integrated Intel® QuickAssist Technology accelerates execution of crypto algorithms without burdening the CPU. As a result, secure branch connectivity including end-to-end encryption can be provided without compromising VNF performance or increasing cost. An integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) acts as a root of trust and can be used for secure key storage. In deployment scenarios using wireless connectivity via the integrated modem socket, the SIM card can be inserted via a small, removable plate. The simple installation procedure can be handled by untrained users. In contrast to externally attached wireless dongles, it also secures the SIM card with the unit to avoid unwanted removal which would result in end customer service interruptions and increased support efforts for the service provider. 3G/4G, WiFi connectivity and copper LAN ports support allows the FWA-1010VC to span complete rollouts no matter which infrastructure is present in a given location. This helps to not only streamline logistics and service models but also to offer significant benefits in terms of life-cycle management and total cost of ownership.


Intel Xeon D-1500 Platform for higher performance and throughput

The FWA-3260 embarks an Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1500 to meet the need for higher core count, larger and faster memory as well as increased I/O performance without sacrificing cost efficiency in a compact footprint. With up to 16 cores and 1.5MB last level cache per core tightly integrated with DDR4 memory controllers and a rich I/O subsystem, the Intel® Xeon® Processor D performs extremely well in mid-range vCPE designs. Besides supporting memory capacities up to 128GB, it also brings enhanced reliability and availability features previously available on high end Intel® Xeon® E5 processors into a mid-range appliance footprint. With an optimized system design the FWA-3260 adds four server class copper ports, Advanced LAN bypass as well as flexible and scalable port expansion via two Network Mezzanine bays. Support for a PCIe gen.3 card provides additional flexibility to integrate special purpose I/O cards or QuickAssist offload adapters such as Advantech’s PCIE-3020.

Advantech FWA-3260

Contact us for a demonstration of how NFVTime coupled with Advantech white-box vCPE appliances simplifies, accelerates, and automates the lifecycle procedures with Home Calling, Remote Backup and Restore, Remote Upgrade, and Customer-Service management features.

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