uCPE?  Carrier Class Please!

Boosting the uCPE White box with Carrier-Class Capabilities 

CPE was tipped as one of the early favorites for network function virtualization deployment, based on its potential to dramatically reduce the complexity and the number of physical CPE devices needed to operate entire enterprise networks from small to medium and large branches. With CPE Capex and Opex savings calculated and the business transformation promises of greater network agility in plain view, virtual CPE stands out as the technology that will not just disrupt global supply chains, but the entire networking ecosystem itself.

Advantech believes that the vCPE market is steadily approaching its tipping point as we design, manufacture and deliver our current generation of universal CPE (uCPE) appliances, or  white-boxes, and prepare for the next wave. The vCPE market has created huge opportunities for new entrants, initially led by the first upsurge of SD-WAN start-ups and traditional CPE vendors, but now involves experts from both service provider and ICT domains, with experience in CPE deployment, virtualization, cloud and managed services as well as IoT and intelligent building

Essentially, operators are looking to deploy agile services on demand based on generic white box platforms and a rich assortment of powerful software Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) that can be dynamically added, removed and chained to deliver differentiated service offerings without the risk of vendor lock-in.

The beauty of white boxes is that they are general purpose, low-cost and easy to commoditize, but the problem is that they lack many of the specialized functions and interface options that cannot be virtualized. Pluggable physical network functions (P-PNFs), typically delivered in an MSA compliant SFP format, can provide the required physical interfaces, programmable hardware capabilities and specialized components to help close these gaps on an “as needed” basis and in a consistent manner, across multiple white box platforms.

To discover more, check out the Advantech & RAD press release and download our joint white paper which describes how service providers can augment uCPE White box servers with carrier-class service demarcation and performance assurance capabilities. This includes the ability to deliver premium, SLA-based L2 and L3 services combined with advanced diagnostics capabilities to detect, localize and troubleshoot network and NFVI/VNF performance issues.

The white paper is available on the Advantech website here.


Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector Marketing Director


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