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Don’t miss Advantech NCG’s upcoming Brightalk webinar at 9AM PST on Nov 28.

5G will bring several groundbreaking new technologies into play with its new air interface and RAN architecture extensions, but it will also need to rely on the emerging software defined infrastructure, one that provides greater topology flexibility, and one that is essential to deliver on the promises of high availability, high coverage, low latency and high bandwidth connections.

These are all critical to opening up new parallel industry opportunities and we’ll discuss those during the webinar.

I’ll be setting the scenein the webinar by putting some context on edge computing, edge cloud and some of the key drivers for extending compute out to the network edge.


Since MWC in Barcelona in February 2017 , a number of interesting analyst reports and whitepapers on MEC have been published and the momentum is certainly growing, with 5G coverage moving into the fast lane. Throughout 2017 there has also been a fervent goldrush into IoT from almost the entire ICT industry, as the communications, IT and industrial worlds start to converge — has new business in edge cloud finally begun?

Cloud computing is going through a fundamental shift in which the traditional model of accessing highly centralized resources will start to be replaced by a more distributed, decentralized architecture and edge computing is appearing as the new paradigm. It delivers all the core building blocks of cloud – compute, storage and networking, along with the flexibility and elasticity of virtualization, closer to the consumers. Consumers being both individuals and “things”.

One of the key reasons for moving compute closer to the origin of the data is of course the reduction in round trip latency, and the webinar will address that. Some of the evolving use cases such as intelligent video analytics,  high bandwidth, low latency content delivery for augmented reality, vehicule to infrastructure apps and the Internet of Things certainly  all benefit from edge computing.  The platforms and PoCs are ready to roll, now we need some impetus from service providers and app developers to demonstrate to end users  the benefits of higher quality, more immersive experiences delivered by edge cloud and edge compute.

IoT is certainly another key new driver of edge computing, with a growing number of use cases and deployments.  In the IoT context,  Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models  rely on cloud for heavily compute intensive tasks, and when coupled with the elasticity  brought by the software defined infrastructure compute can then be moved out and deployed closer to the network edge for real-time streaming data analysis and predictive maintenance. As such, data-driven applications and AI evolve, Edge computing becomes a very essential component for deploying IoT.

As Edge computing is still relatively nascent,  customer understanding of the concept will likely be slower earlier on the hype curve as vendors from different industries position edge computing and edge cloud with respect to their specific market segments. The industry is certainly starting to see commercial server and embedded compute industries converge. Networking and IT components are consolidating also, and as industrial automation companies with their M2M experience look to ICT and telecom infrastructure integrators to connect enterprise and telecom cloud to both private and hyperscale cloud services,  different approaches to edge computing need to be clarified.

We’ll also discuss how  Edge Cloud and Multi-Access Edge Computing unlock many new doors for new services.  One of the keys being, as previosuly mentioned the elasticity and flexibility of the underlying infrastructure.  Eric van Vliet will be co-presenting  in this webinar and we will discuss several key use cases for edge computing that will propel us along the road to 5G by reviewing several PoCs.

Eric will go on to talk about how Private LTE and Private Cloud can be enabled using open server platforms based on general purpose Intel architecture and we’ll conclude by summarizing some of the edge cloud enablers that allow testing and trials of solutions today.

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Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector Marketing Director


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