The Explosive Combination of UHD, Live Streaming & HEVC

The arrival of UHD, the increasing demand for over-the-top video content and the introduction of more efficient video codecs are outstripping the processing capabilities of existing infrastructure. At the same time, the industry is moving to open, cloud architectures that benefit from the programmability of software defined, virtual environments and the economy of scale of mainstream servers. Commercial-off-the-shelf access to unrivalled performance 4K/8K HEVC/AVC video processing acceleration such as the one provided by Advantech VEGA Platforms combines the best of the video and IT worlds enabling high density, agile and scalable deployments that can greatly contribute to the media, telecom and internet industries’ objective of optimizing operations and costs when building next-generation, low-latency UHD streaming solutions.

Download the white paperHardware Accelerated Video Processing: Building Agile, Scalable and Cost-Efficient UHD Solutions from Edge Contribution to Cloud Distribution” to learn more about the upcoming UHD OTT wave, the consequent bandwidth and computing challenges, and the thrilling video acceleration technology that smoothly integrates into high performance, programmable and efficient deployments to meet the new online video era requirements.


Charo Sanchez – Product Marketing Manager

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