Verfied Intel Select Solutions for NFVI

5G World kicks off in London today and  Advantech will be present at the Intel booth in Hall 5G400 to launch the first  sytems that are verified as Intel® Select Solutions for NFVI. These solutions address the complexity that CoSPs face in choosing the right infrastructure to for NFV by providing a verified hardware and software stack.

They enable a fast path for CoSPs to efficiently deploy network function virtualization infrastructure (NFVI) and achieve reliable, more secure, and workload-optimized deterministic performance on a balanced platform.

Advantech has chosen to partner with Intel to verify its FWA-6170 workload-optimized network appliance and SKY-8201 carrier grade server as Intel Select Solutions for NFVI. This lets users of the systems benefit from Intel’s experience in the NFV market and get workload-optimized performance from Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

The Advantech FWA-6170 workload-optimized network appliance and the SKY-8201 carrier grade server are focused on helping Communication Service Providers (CommSPs) accelerate network transformation by reducing the time, effort, and costs required to integrate and evaluate hardware and software configurations for NFV-based service development and deployment.

In the Advantech press release, Ben Shen, Director of NFV Infrastructure Division, Advantech Networks & Communications Group reminded everyone that  next generation central offices, telecom cloud and edge compute will require a significant boost in performance, network throughput and agility to maximize the opportunities created by 5G at sustainable costs.

Intel Select Solutions for NFVI will help close the gap and speed the transformation needed to support the next wave of applications where lower latency, additional bandwidth and increased storage capacities will be essential.

Both Advantech platforms meet the requirements of the Intel Select Solution for NFVI, based on integrated high-performance Intel® Xeon® Platinum and Gold processors. The configuration complies with specific network, storage, and integrated platform acceleration products from Intel to maximize virtual machine density. The high-performance CPUs, balanced I/O, and on-board acceleration with Intel® QuickAssist Technology combined with optimizations through DPDK allow for the achievement of exceptional throughput and latency performance.

These technologies improve data and control plane throughput, latency, and jitter performance, and allow virtual network functions (VNFs) to meet their performance requirements Sandy Chen, Director of Enterprise Networking, Advantech Networks & Communications Group emphasized thatAdvantech’s systems have been optimized to streamline deployment of new NFV infrastructure for CommSPs.

They both meet, and in some cases exceed Intel Select Solutions for NFVI performance thresholds while providing the flexibility to scale up compute performance, massively scale out network connectivity and experience a throughput boost from Intel® QuickAssist Technology acceleration to fit many NFV workloads.

System configurations meeting Intel Select Solutions for NFVI requirements are orderable now. For more information please visit the dedicated landing page or contact

More information related to Advantech products based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors can be found at:

Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector Marketing Director

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