High-performance vBRAS Offload

Advantech and Ethernity today announced a joint partnership and that they have successfully integrated an effective virtual Broadband Remote Access Server (vBRAS) platform that offers outstanding performance at the network edge, maximizing throughput without impacting CPU efficiency.

The joint solution utilizes high-performance Advantech SKY-8000 series servers designed for carrier-grade deployment, and featuring Intel Xeon Scalable processors, to provide a vBRAS platform with a scalable data plane and independent software-based control plane. The servers are equipped with Ethernity ACE-NIC smart network adaptors, which not only provide optimized data transfer using patented ENET Flow Processor technology, but also offload resource-consuming virtual functions to FPGAs, accelerating performance and providing the necessary deterministic results and low latency for a carrier-grade vBRAS solution. In turn, this reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by enabling accelerated performance.

Communications service providers (CommSPs) are growing more confident in the ability of network functions virtualization (NFV) to deliver carrier-grade voice and data services. This is thanks to the maturing NFV ecosystem and the growing number of virtualized customer premises equipment (CPE) deployments and trials of virtualized core network applications.

Now CommSPs are looking to virtualize very high throughput systems such as broadband remote access servers (BRAS). A BRAS is a dedicated device in a service provider network in which multiple internet traffic sources converge for connection to the access network. The BRAS (also known as a broadband network gateway, or BNG) must terminate subscriber point-to-point protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) tunnels and routing traffic to and from digital subscriber line access modules (DSLAMs).

Virtualizing the BRAS is challenging because the data plane must be highly scalable to handle widely fluctuating throughput levels and numbers of simultaneous tunnels. It must also support a wide range of network functions from subscriber authentication to routing, service policy control, content filtering, and IP address management.
Advantech and Ethernity, both Intel® Network Builders partners and members of the Intel Network Builders Network Edge Ecosystem, have built a server solution for advanced vBRAS solutions. The solution combines Advantech’s Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor-powered SKY Edge Servers with Ethernity’s FPGA-based ACE-NIC data processing and acceleration cards and can work with a number of different vBRAS virtual network functions (VNFs).

To learn more about the partnership and joint solution click here.

Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector

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