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The 2018 edition of IBC is in full swing with over 60,000 visitors expected to converge on  the 5-day exhibition where they’ll discover the latest broadcasting, communications and cloud technologies that promise to further accelerate the transformation of the media and entertainment industry. As the all-IP infrastructure takes centre stage, over-the-top competition increases, and new trends go viral fast, the industry will be increasingly challenged to respond to massive shifts in demand.

Advantech’s Video Solutions Division, with its leading edge VEGA product line is at the forefront of that transformation providing hardware acceleration solutions that bridge the gap to the next generation network. To help solution providers address new challenges in this increasingly competitive, and complex, market environment the Advantech is present at booth 11.C32 demonstrating how the latest additions to its VEGA family of video solutions enable agile, scalable and cost-effective UHD/4K and 8K video processing, and analysis anywhere in the media workflow: from edge contribution to cloud distribution.

Booth Showcase


By offering commercial-off-the-shelf access to powerful video acceleration technology, VEGA products can greatly contribute to solving issues around high resolution encoding performance and content analysis. This will help new and established players alike catch the new video wave in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Accelerated Video Cloud


At our booth in Hall 11, Advantech is demonstrating high density and efficient live hardware transcoding solutions for the data center. This includes the unparalleled performance of the VEGA-3318 transcoding cards, each capable of up to 8 x 4Kp60 live or 32 x 1080p60 AVC or HEVC transcodes, still a world leading density.

The boards are also available in deployment grade servers capable of transcoding up to 32 UHD/4K services or 128 1080p60 services for OTT delivery. This represents a substantial saving in power and space over conventional software options. Advantech are also introducing the VEGA-4000 family of reconfigurable FPGA-based encoding accelerators that, in collaboration with industry leading encoder developers such as partner NGCodec, provide solutions for those interested instead in hardware-assisted VP9 and even AV1 transcoding.


UHD/8K Live Streaming & Broadcasting


Built upon proven UHD/4K technology, Advantech will be expanding its partnership with Socionext and introducing a new partner, Spin Digital, to address 8K live HEVC encoding, streaming, and decoding for highly immersive experiences in a broad range of use cases including live OTT broadcasting, 360 VR, and medical applications.

Spin Digital has developed a software media player that is capable of reproducing 8K and 16K content. The player is based on Spin Digital’s HEVC high performance decoder and video rendering SDK. At IBC, Spin Digital is demonstrating a new version of the player, that extend its capabilities beyond 8K playback, including support for 8K IP streaming based on the industry standards RTP and HLS, Spin Digital has developed a streaming solution for broadcast and VoD and applications with broadcast streaming using RTP with an 8K 4:2:2 10-bit HEVC format required for contribution applications. VoD and OTT streaming usesHLS with an 8K 4:2:0 10-bit HEVC format for distribution.

  • 8K Master File: playback of 8K HEVC content in master file quality with 4:4:4 12-bit format at very high bitrates (600 Mbps).
  • 16K Playback: Playback of HEVC video up to 16K resolution for the most demanding immersive media and large screen applications.
  • VR/360° video: playback of 360° video in 8K resolution for ultra-high-quality VR and immersive media

Built initially on the world’s first single board 8K HEVC encoder, the VEGA-3304, Advantech’s product line up will expand to include additional direct video capture modes, integrated system options with the new VEGA-7010 1U short depth broadcast edge video server, and a new all-in-one compact appliance, the VEGA-6304.

At the Advantech booth, we are showing  the immersive experience advantages of 8K on both screen and VR using new 8K decoder technology from SpinDigital and a high-resolution headset from Acer.

Stay tuned for more details of the other demos to see in our 2nd IBCshow blog. We look forward to seeing you at the show!


Click here for full details of Advantech’s presence at IBCShow 2018 Booth #11.C32

Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector Marketing Director

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