If you missed our 1Q19 webinar in the bustle up to MWC19 in Barcelona, don’t worry you can still view it on-demand on the Intel BrightTALK channel.

The webinar discusses workloads that are shifting across platforms and span from entry-level to extreme performance.  Finding the right balance of compute, acceleration, networking and storage to cost effectively run an application at any location in the network can be challenging. More agile solutions are required that meet the challenges of next generation networks with greater elasticity across a scalable range of white box servers. The webinar will provide you with deeper insights into Intel® Select Solutions for NFVI and uCPE and how they help you:

  1. Simplify Network Evolution using platforms verified as Intel® Select Solutions
  2. Get on faster, more efficient deployments using tested white box servers
  3. Build Reliable Infrastructure with verified configurations that take full advantage of virtual network enhancements

The webinar is presented by


Purvi Thakkar opens the webinar with a closer look at the Why, What and How of Intel Select Solutions for NFVI and uCPE. Purvi covers Intel’s end to end approach using Intel architecture, FPGAs, software, security and AI  to connect smart devices to wireless technology and from there into the access network, the core network and the cloud. Key to this approach is how everything  can be enabled through scalable and flexible technologies coupled with open source initiatives. Tune in to the webinar and discover how Intel Select Solutions simplify and accelerate deployment of workload-optimized infrastructure.

In the 2nd part of the webinar, I drill down in more detail into the Advantech platforms verified as Intel® Select Solutions for both uCPE and NFVI and the benefits they bring.


Advantech has been heavily engaged with Intel and select Network Builders since its origins several years ago.  Since last year we have been collaborating closely with Intel and partners on Select Solutions. We began with Intel Select Solutions for NFVI based on two white box servers platforms with similar dual Intel Xeon architectures which we had designed for different  network locations – one with a Telecom Infrastructure slant and the other for network security and enterprise applications. As of today there are several new platforms in the dual server range which are Intel Select Solution for NFVI v2.

After unveiling of our first NFVI platforms at 5G world in London, our next milestone was the launch of our first Select Solution for uCPE  just after SDN & NFV World Congress in The Hague. At that event numerous communication service providers and ecosystem players took part in a whitebox safari searching out valid whitebox uCPE suppliers. Universal CPE really started to resonate from there on as service providers were clearly on a path to ‘THE Universal Platform”

The Intel Select Solution program has been resounding with many of them, especially for uCPE where the Xeon D-2100 offers a lot more processing headroom at a reasonable price.

In discussions with other Intel Network Builders, with carriers, and with enterprise customers they clearly identified the benefits of the Intel Select Solution initiative as one that simplifies the migration to the software defined network by taking the guessing and verification work out of the evaluation phase. In addition deployment is more efficient if the supply chain takes care of verifying the solutions and keeping them up to date with the latest enhancements. It goes without saying that this also helps to ensure the build out of more reliable infrastructure, following industry needs and adapting to new workload demands.

After I have finished presenting the key Advantech products, Eric takes a closer look at specific Deployment Scenarios & Use cases, in particular where network packets are being processed and how that applies to Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) elements.



After the NGCO use case Eric covers  Enterprise rollouts – and notably uCPE Segmentation + System Sizing.


Prior to the summary and Q&A we discuss our ecosystem partners, in particular at the NFVI layer as they are  key to successful deployments.

If you’re in the decision making process and considering a verified Intel Select Solutions approach for either uCPE or NFVI  then don’t miss our webinar by clicking here.


Paul Stevens – Telecom Sector

Marketing Director

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